Canada Population and Religion Percentage

Canada is a country in North America. It’s the world’s second-largest country by total area (land + water) and 4th Largest by Land Area. As per the Canadian Census 2021, the population of Canada in 2021 is 36,991,981 (3.7 crores or 37 million)

Estimated population of Canada in 2024: 39,107,046 ( 39 million)

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Canada Demographics

Canada2021 Census
Total Population 36,991,981
Global Rank38
Share of World Pop.0.49%
Land Area 9,093,507 (3,511,023 sq. mi)
Area Rank4
Pop. Density4.2/km2 (10.9/sq mi) (236th)
Growth Rate0.84%
Fertility Rate* of Canada1.53
Infant mortality rate ** in Canada2.1
Median Age in Canada 41.1 Years
Life Expectancy in Canada82.96 years
Urban Population of Canada81.3 %

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Religion in Canada

Christianity is the largest religion in Canada followed by 53.3% of the population. Among Christians Roman Catholics (29.9%) have the most adherents followed by Protestants (8.7%), and Orthodox Christians (2%).

Canada has a high percentage of unaffiliated people, with Irreligion or having no religion at 34.6%. Other religions include Islam (4.9%), Hinduism (2.3%), Sikhism (2.1%), Buddhism (1.0%), Judaism (0.9%), and Indigenous religions (0.2 %).

Religion Percentage in Canada 

Christians 53.30%
No religious affiliation 34.60%
Muslim 4.90%
Hindu 2.30%
Sikh 2.10%
Buddhist 1%
Jewish 0.90%
Other religions 0.70%

Source: Candian Census 2021

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Top Cities in Canada by Population
#City Metropolitan AreaPopulation
10Kitchener– Cambridge–Waterloo5,23,894

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Indians in Canada

As of 2016, Total Indian Population in Canada is 1,374,710 ( 13.74 Lakhs). Some of the provinces where Indians are in large numbers are Ontario (774,495), British Columbia (309,315) & Alberta (174,505). Québec (51,650), Manitoba (34,470) &  Saskatchewan  (18,695) also has good Indian populations.

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