Top Caribbean Countries by Population 2022

Top Caribbean Countries by Population 2021

Population of Caribbean 2021

As per United Nations, In 1950 the population of Caribbean Islands was estimated at around 17 million people. It reached 30 million in 1981 and 40 million in 2006. In 2020 Caribbean population was estimated to be 43 million. The Caribbean population is expected to reach around 47 million by 2050. 

The total land area of Caribbean islands is 225,970 Km2  & Population Density is 193 per Km2. Caribbeans includes 14 independent island countries and 14 dependencies and other territories in three major archipelagos: the Greater Antilles, the Lesser Antilles, and the Lucayan Archipelago. As per the UN  estimated Caribbean  population in 202o is 43,527,373 (43 million or 4.35 Crores)

Caribbean  population in 2021: 44 million or 44 crores

Source: UN estimates & Worldometers

List of Top Caribbean Countries by Population

Caribbean has population of 44 million i.e 0.55 % of the world population. Haiti (12 million), Cuba( 11.5 million), and Dominican Republic (11 million) remain the top three populous islands in Caribbean .  Let’s have a look at the Country-wise population of Caribbean

Source: World Population Prospects 2019

#Country Population 2020
(UN Projections)
2021 Estimates
1Haiti11,402,52811.6 million
2Cuba11,326,61611.33 Million
3Dominican Republic10,847,91011 Million
5Jamaica2,961,1673 Million
6Puerto Rico*2,860,8532.8 Million
7Trinidad and Tobago1,399,4881.4 million
8Guadeloupe*400,124400 thousand
9Bahamas393,244393 thousand
10Martinique*375,265375 thousand
11Barbados287,375288 thousand
12Saint Lucia183,6271.84 thousand
13Curaçao*164,093164 thousand
14Grenada112,523112 thousand
15St. Vincent & Grenadines110,940110 thousand
16Aruba*106,766100 Thousand
17U.S. Virgin Islands*104,425104 thousand
18Antigua and Barbuda97,92998 thousand
19Dominica71,98672 thousand
20Cayman Islands*65,72266 thousand
21Saint Kitts & Nevis53,19954 thousand
22Sint Maarten (Dutch part)*42,87643 thousand
23Turks and Caicos*38,71739 thousand
24Saint Martin (French part)*38,66639 thousand
25British Virgin Islands*30,23131 thousand
26Caribbean Netherlands*26,22327 thousand
27Anguilla*15,00315 thousand
28Saint-Barthélemy*987710 thousand

*Overseas Territories of Other Nations

Overseas Territories of Other Nations in Caribbean

Caribbean Islands are a subregion of North America, surrounded by the North Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea & includes 14 independent island countries and 14 dependencies and other territories in three major archipelagos: the Greater Antilles, the Lesser Antilles, and the Lucayan Archipelago. The List of Dependent States are as follows

#Dependent StatesOverseas Territories of
3British Virgin IslandsU.K.
4Caribbean NetherlandsNetherlands
5Cayman IslandsU.K.
8Puerto RicoU.S.A.
9Saint Martin (French part)France
11Sint Maarten (Dutch part)Netherlands
12Turks and CaicosU.K.
13U.S. Virgin IslandsU.S.A.

List of Top Caribbean Countries by Land Area

Carribean Islands are part of North America or Latin America. Total Area of These Islands are 225,970 There are total of 27 Countries ( 14 Sovereign Countries 13 Overseas Territory)  in Caribbean Islands of which Cuba is the largest. The population density in Europe is 193 per Km2

Largest & Smallest Country by Area
AreawiseCountryArea (
Largest by AreaCuba1,63,76,870 Km2
Smallest  by AreaSaint Kitts & Nevis260 Km2

Puerto Rico is largest Overseas Territory with an area of 8870 sq. km

Largest & Smallest Country by Density
Density wiseCountryDensity (P/Km2)
Highest Population DensityBarbados668 (p/km2)
least population DensityDominica96 (p/km2)

Sint Maarten is  Overseas Territory with High density of 1261 person per sq. km

#Country Land AreaDensity
2Dominican Republic48,320225
6Puerto Rico*8,870323
7Trinidad and Tobago5,130273
10Turks and Caicos*95041
12Saint Lucia610301
14Antigua and Barbuda440223
16St. Vincent & Grenadines390284
17U.S. Virgin Islands*350298
19Caribbean Netherlands*32880
20Saint Kitts & Nevis260205
21Cayman Islands*240274
23British Virgin Islands*150202
25Saint Martin (French part)*53730
26Sint Maarten (Dutch part)*341,261

*Overseas Territories of Other Nations

Caribbean Countries by Fertility Rate & Median Age

The Total Fertility Rate (TFR) of Caribbean is 1.9

  • Haiti is the country with the highest Fertility rate of 3
  • Puerto Rico has the lowest rate i.e 1.2

The median age in Caribbean is 32 years.

  • Cuba has the highest median age of 42 Years
  • Haiti has the lowest rate of 24 years


#Country Fertility RateMedian age 
2Dominican Republic2.428
6Antigua and Barbuda234
7U.S. Virgin Islands*243
9St. Vincent & Grenadines1.933
13Trinidad and Tobago1.736
16Saint Lucia1.434
17Puerto Rico*1.244
18Turks and Caicos*  
20Caribbean Netherlands*  
21Saint Kitts & Nevis  
22Cayman Islands*  
23British Virgin Islands*  
25Saint Martin (French part)*  
26Sint Maarten (Dutch part)*  

*Overseas Territories of Other Nations

Source: World Population Prospects 2019