Top Indian States by Population | Statewise Population 2021​

Top Indian States by Population

India’s 2020 population is estimated at 1,380,004,385 people at mid-year according to UN data. As per the Unique Identification Authority of India, India’s population is 1,371,360,350 (approx) in 2020.  So based on these estimates, India’s Population in 2021 is close to 1.4 Billion or 140 Crores

India is a federal union comprising 28 states and 8 union territories, a total of 36 numbers. Let’s have a look at the population of States & Union Territories.

Source: Census 2011 & UIAI for 2021 Estimates

Statewise Population 2021

RankStates2011 Census2021 (estimates)
1Uttar Pradesh19,98,12,34124 Crores
2Maharashtra11,23,74,33312.43 Crores
3Bihar10,40,99,45212.70 Crores
4West Bengal9,12,76,11510 Crores
5Madhya Pradesh7,26,26,8098.70 Crores
6Tamil Nadu7,21,47,0307.85 Crores
7Rajasthan6,85,48,4378.25 Crores
8Karnataka6,10,95,2976.83 Crores
9Gujarat6,04,39,6926.43 Crores
10Andhra Pradesh4,95,76,7775.44 Crores
11Odisha4,19,74,2184.69 Crores
12Telangana3,50,04,0003.98 Crores
13Kerala3,34,06,0613.60 Crores
14Jharkhand3,29,88,1343.92 Crores
15Assam3,12,05,5763.60 Crores
16Punjab2,77,43,3383 Crores
17Chhattisgarh2,55,45,1982.98 Crores
18Haryana2,53,51,4622.85 Crores
UT1Delhi1,67,87,9411.90 Crores
UT2Jammu & Kashmir1,22,58,4331.38 Crores
19Uttarakhand1,00,86,2921.14 Crores
20Himachal Pradesh68,64,60275 Lakhs
21Tripura36,73,91742 Lakhs
22Meghalaya29,66,88934 Lakhs
23Manipur28,55,79432 Lakhs
24Nagaland19,78,50223 Lakhs
25Goa14,58,54516 Lakhs
26Arunachal Pradesh13,83,72715.92 Lakhs
UT3Puducherry12,47,95314.32 Lakhs
27Mizoram10,97,20612.55 Lakhs
UT4Chandigarh10,55,45011.69 Lakhs
28Sikkim6,10,5777 Lakhs
UT5Dadra & Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu5,86,9566.20 Lakhs
UT6Andaman & Nicobar3,80,5814.2 Lakhs
UT7Ladakh274,289 2.90 Lakhs

Source: Census 2011 & UIAI for 2021 Estimates

Top 5 States by Population 2021

The top 5 populated states are Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra, West Bengal, and Madhya Pradesh. In 2011 Maharashtra is at 2nd Spot, but Bihar with a higher growth rate  (approx 20%) has replaced Maharashtra at the second spot. Almost half of the country’s population lives in these five highest populous states & Ten most populated states of India contribute 74% of India’s population. Bihar has the highest population growth rate during this decade followed by Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. 

RankStates2021 (estimates)
1Uttar Pradesh24 Crores
2Bihar12.70 Crores
3Maharashtra12.43 Crores
4West Bengal10 Crores
5Madhya Pradesh8.70 Crores

Source: Census 2011 & UIAI for 2021 Estimates

Least Populated States 2021

Sikkim is the least populated state followed by Mizoram & Arunachal Pradesh. 12 least populous states/UTs contribute only 1 % of India’s population and the 21 lowest constitute only 10 % of the total. 

RankStates2021 (estimates)
1Sikkim7 Lakhs
2Mizoram12.55 Lakhs
3Arunachal Pradesh15.92 Lakhs
4Goa16 Lakhs
5Nagaland23 Lakhs
6Manipur32 Lakhs
7Meghalaya34 Lakhs
8Tripura42 Lakhs
9Himachal Pradesh75 Lakhs

Source: Census 2011 & UIAI for 2021 Estimates

Union Territories by Population 2021

India has 8 union territories, Delhi with close to 20 million population is the largest & Lakshadweep is with a population of 74K is the smallest. Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh are newly formed UTs.

RankUTs2021 (estimates)
1Delhi1.90 Crores
2Jammu & Kashmir1.38 Crores
3Puducherry14.32 Lakhs
4Chandigarh11.69 Lakhs
5Dadra & Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu6.20 Lakhs
6Andaman & Nicobar4.2 Lakhs
7Ladakh2.88 Lakhs

Source: Census 2011 & UIAI for 2021 Estimates

States with Highest Growth Rate 2021

As per estimates, India’s growth rate is approx 14% for 2011-2021. Bihar has the highest population growth rate during 2011-2021 of 19.89% followed by Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.

RankStatesGrowth rate
1Bihar19.89 %
2Uttar Pradesh19.05 %
3Rajasthan18.21 %
4Madhya Pradesh17.53 %
5Jharkhand16.99 %
6Chhattisgarh15.23 %
7Assam14.1 %
8Nagaland13.71 %
9Tripura13.5 %
10Meghalaya13.48 %

Source: Census 2011 & UIAI for 2021 Estimates

States with Lowest Growth Rate 2021

As per estimates, India’s growth rate is approx 14% for 2011-2021. 10 States have grown at a rate below 10%. In the 2011 census, most of the South & Western Indian States have a growth rate below the national average  & in 2021 also they have a low growth rate. Gujarat is a state with the least growth rate followed by Kerala & Tamilnadu. 

RankStateGrowth rate
3Tamil Nadu7.89
5Himachal Pradesh8.56
7Andhra Pradesh8.73
9West Bengal9.13

Source: Census 2011 & UIAI for 2021 Estimates

States Literary Rate

As per the Census 2011, India’s literacy rate in 2011 is 73%. Male literacy rates in 80.90% & the female literacy rate is 64.60%. Literacy rate in Urban is 84.10% & 67.80% in rural India. Kerala is the state with the highest literacy rate ( 94%) & Andhra Pradesh (67%) is the lowest. Below is the list of States & Union territories with literacy rates from highest to lowest. 

StateLiteracy Rate
Himachal Pradesh86.6
Tamil Nadu82.9
West Bengal80.5
Jammu & Kashmir77.3
Madhya Pradesh73.7
Uttar Pradesh73
Andhra Pradesh66.4
All India77.7

survey by National Statistical Office (NSO)