Top Central American Countries by Population 2021

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Top Central American Countries by Population 2021

Population of  Central America 2021

Central America is a region of the Continent of North America. Central America consists of seven countries: Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama. Their combined population is estimated at 50 million.  UN Population Project have also included Mexico in Central America & combined population of these eight nations are 180 million in 2021

As per the UN estimates the Central America population in 2020 is 50737000* or 50.37 Crore

Center America population in 2021 : 51459000 ( 514 millon or 51.45 Crores)

* ( This don’t include Mexico)

UN World Population Prospects 2019

As per UN projections Mexico is included in Central America. So as per the UN Central America’s population is equivalent to 2.31% of the total world population. The population of Central America in 2021  is 181,491,308 ( 181 Million). The population density in Central America is 73 per Km2 (190 people per mi2). The total land area is 2,452,270 Km2 (946,826 sq. miles) & The median age in Central America is 28.2years.

List of Top Central Americans Countries by Population

.65% of the world population lives in the 7 nations of Central America. Guatemala (13 million), Honduras( 9 million), and Nicaragua (6.6 million) remain the top three populous countries in Central America.  

#CountryPopulation 2020 (UN Estimates2021 Estimates
1Guatemala17,915,56818.3 million
2Honduras9,904,60710 million
3Nicaragua6,,624,5546.7 million
4El Salvador6,486,2056.5 million
5Costa Rica5,094,1185 million
6Panama4,314,7674.4 million
7Belize397,6280.4 million

Population of Mexico 2021

#Mexico12,89,32,753130 million

List of Central American Countries by Land Area

The area of Central America is 523,780 square kilometers (202,230 sq mi), It has a population density of 91 per square kilometer (240/sq mi).  There are 7 Countries in Central America of which Nicaragua is the largest and El Salvador the smallest.

Largest & Smallest Country by Area
AreawiseCountryArea (
Largest by AreaNicaragua1,30,370 Km2
Smallest  by AreaEl Salvador21,041 Km2
Largest & Smallest Country by Density
Density wiseCountryDensity (P/Km2)
Highest Population DensityEl Salvador 292 (p/km2)
least population DensityBelize13 (p/km2)


#CountryArea (sq. Km)Density ( P/km2)
5Costa Rica51,10082
7El Salvador21,041292

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Central American Countries by Fertility Rate & Median Age

The Total Fertility Rate (TFR) of Asia is 2.23

  • Guatemala is the country with the highest Fertility rate of 2.9
  • Costa Rica has the lowest rate i.e 1.8

The median age in Europe is 28.2 years

  • Costa Rica has the highest median age of 33 Years
  • Guatemala has the lowest rate of 23 years
#CountryFer. RateMed. Age
6El Salvador2.128
7Costa Rica1.833

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Source: World Population Prospects 2019