Costa Rica Population and Religion percentage

Costa Rica is officially the “Republic of Costa Rica”  country in Central America. As per the World Population Prospects, the estimated population of  Costa Rica in 2024 is 5,246,714 (5.2 million)

The total Land Area of  Costa Rica is 51,060 sq. km (19,710 sq. mi)  & the Population Density of  Costa Rica is 100 per sq. Km (258 people per sq. mi).

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 Costa Rica2024
Total Population5,246,714
Global Rank124
Land Area 51,060 (19,710 sq. mi)
Area Rank126
Pop. Density100 people/sq. km

Source: UN World Population Prospects report

Religion in Costa Rica

Christianity is the largest religion in Costa Rica and  79% of the population follows Christianity. Among Christians in Costa Rica, Catholics have the most adherents followed by Protestants.  As per estimates, 52% of the population followed Roman Catholicism, 25%  are Protestants, and others Christian at 2%.

17% of the population doesn’t affiliate with any religion. Non-Christian-based faith population is at 1%. Non-Christian Faith includes Jewish, Islam, Baháʼí Faith, and Buddism are the main minority religions.

Religion percentage in Costa Rica

  • Christianity – 79% 
    Catholic – 52%
    Protestant – 25% 
    Other Christian —2% 
  • No religion – 17% 
  • Other religions – 1% 
  • Undeclared – 3% 

Source: Wikipedia

Costa Rica Ethnic Population

Costa Rica has a predominantly European population, with nearly four-fifths of its people of Spanish descent. The Valle Central region is the most Spanish-influenced area. Mestizos, of mixed indigenous and European ancestry, make up about one-fifth of the population. 

Guanacaste province has a diverse mix of Spanish, indigenous, and African heritage. There is a small Chinese population integrated into mainstream culture. Less than 1% of the population is indigenous, with some groups maintaining their traditional ways in protected reserves despite challenges.

Top Cities in Costa Rica by Population
1San José342 188
2Alajuela276 794
3Cartago151 744
4Heredia128 550
5Puntarenas122 335
6Limón96 314
7Liberia64 797
8San Isidro de El General45 773
9Quesada42 060
10Desamparados36 794
Population of Costa Rica 2024 | Religion in Costa Rica