Nicaragua Population and Religion percentage

Nicaragua, officially the Republic of Nicaragua, is the largest country in Central America. As per the UN World Population Prospects report,  the population of  Nicaragua in 2024 is 7,142,529 (71 Lakh)

The total Land Area of Nicaragua is 119,990 sq. km (46,330 sq. mi) & the Population Density of Nicaragua is 55 per Km2 (143 people per mi2).

 Nicaragua 2024
Total Population7,142,529 (7 million)
Global Rank110
Land Area 119,990 sq. km (46,330 sq. mi)
Area Rank96
Pop. Density59 people/sq. km

Source: UN World Population Prospects report

Religion in Nicaragua

Religion in Nicaragua is predominantly Christian and followed by 68& of the population. The vast majority of Nicaraguans practice  Roman Catholicism. Protestants come next at 27% and a small percentage of Jehovah’s Witnesses are also in Nicaragua. 

Indigenous faiths are practiced by 2% of the population and the remaining 15% don’t follow any religion.

Religion percentage in Nicaragua

  • Christianity – 68.1 %
    – Roman Catholic – 55.0%
    – Protestant – 27.2%
    – Jehovah’s Witness – 0.9%
  • Unaffiliated – 14.7%
  • Other  – 2.2%

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Nicaragua Ethinic Population

The majority of people in Nicaragua (about 60%) are mestizos. Mestizos are individuals with mixed European and indigenous (Indian) ancestry. Whites, who are of European descent, make up less than one-fifth of the total population. In contrast, people of African descent, indigenous people, and other groups collectively make up about 25% of the total population.

There are two regions where the indigenous groups are settled. The west coast is home to a small number of Monimbó and Subtiava groups, as well as the Matagalpa who reside in the west-central city of the same name. On the east coast, the Miskito, Sumo, and Rama communities live. Additionally, the Garifuna (formerly known as Black Caribs) live in the eastern region. They are descendants of the Carib people and Africans who were exiled from British colonies in the eastern Caribbean (Lesser Antilles) in the 18th century. The Creoles, who are English-speaking blacks mainly from Jamaica, also live in the eastern region.

Top Cities in Nicaragua by Population




10Puerto Cabezas1,13,534
Population of Nicaragua 2024 | Religion in Nicaragua