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Central African Republic Population 2023

The Central African Republic is a landlocked country in Central Africa. As per the UN World Population Prospects report, the population of the Central African Republic in 2023 is 5,742,316 (57 Lakh).

Estimated Population of Central African Republic in 2023  – 5.7 million

Central African Republic2023 Population
Total Population 5 742 316
Global Rank117
Land Area 622,984 sq. km (240,535 sq. mi)
Area Rank44
Pop. Density8 people/sq. km
Capital CityBangui

Source: UN World Population Prospects report

Religion in Central African Republic

Christianity is the majority religion in the Central African Republic and its followed by 89.1% of the population.  Among Christians, Protestants churches have the largest adherents followed by the Roman Catholics, African Churches, and other small Christian groups.

Islam at 8.9% is the second largest religion. The vast majority of Muslims are Malikite Sunni. Other smaller religion is followed by 2% of the population and includes Traditional and Indigenous faiths.

Religion in percentage in Central African Republic 

  • Christianity – 89.1%
  • Islam – 8.9%
  • Traditional Religions – 0.9%
  • No religion – 0.9%

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Central African Republic Demographics
Fertility Rate* 4.75
Infant mortality rate ** 71.1
Median Age  17.6 Years
Life Expectancy 54.36 years
Urban Population 43%

*Fertility rate, average number of children born to women during their reproductive years.

**Infant mortality rate is the number of deaths per 1,000 live births of children under one year of age.

Top Cities in Central African Republic

Population of Central African Republic 2023 | Religion in Central African Republic