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Sudan Population 2023

Sudan, officially the Republic of Sudan, is a country in Northeast Africa. It’s Africa’s third-largest country by area in Africa. As per the UN World Population Prospects, the population of Sudan in 2021 is 46,874,204 (47 million or 4.7 Crore)

Estimated Population of Sudan in 2023: 48 million or 4.8 Crore

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Sudan Demographics
Sudan2022 Population
Total Population46,874,204
Global Rank33rd
Share of World Pop.0.56%
Land Area 1,731,671 sq. km (668,602 sq. mi)
Area Rank15
Pop. Density25 person/sq. km
Growth Rate2.57%
Fertility Rate*4.43
Infant mortality rate**38.0
Median Age 19.7 years
Life Expectancy66.9 years
Urban Population35%

Religion in Sudan

Islam is the majority religion in Sudan, followed by 90% of the population. Sudan has the fourth largest population of Muslims in Africa. Most Sudanese Muslims are adherents of the Sunni branch of Islam, a vast majority following the Maliki rites, although Shafi and Hanafi rites are also present. There are also some Shia communities and Sufism is widespread in Sudan.

Christianity is the second largest religion in Sudan, followed by 5.4% of the population. Traditional African faiths are followed by 2.9% of the population and the rest 1% adhere to other faiths.

Religion Percentage in Sudan

Islam 90.70%
Christianity 5.40%
African Traditional 2.90%
Other 1.00%

Source: various estimates

Top Cities in Sudan by Population
3Khartoum NorthKhartoum10,12,211
4NyalaSouth Darfur4,92,984
5Port SudanRed Sea3,94,561
6El-ObeidNorth Kordofan3,45,126
8Wad MadaniGezira2,89,482
9El-GadarifAl Qadarif2,69,395
10Al-FashirNorth Darfur2,17,827

Source: Census 2008

Source: United Nation World  Populations Prospects 

*Fertility rate, average number of children born to women during their reproductive years.

**Infant mortality rate is the number of deaths per 1,000 live births of children under one year of age.

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