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Population of Algeria 2022

Algeria, officially the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria, is a country in the Maghreb region of North Africa. It is the largest country by total area in & the ninth-most populous country in Africa. 

As per the World Population Prospects, 2019 by the United Nations, the population of Algeria in 2021 is 44,600,043 (44.6 million or 4.46 crore)

Source: World Population Prospects 2019

Algeria Population 2022

Algeria has a population growth rate during 2020-2021 of 0.39%. Its estimated population in 2021 is  45,350,141 (45.35 million)* equivalent to 0.56% of the total world population. The total Land Area of Algeria is 43,851,043 (43.8 million) & the Population Density of Algeria is 18 per Km2 (48 people per mi2).

Population of  Algeria in 2022 –  45.35 million or 4.53 crore (Approx)
Algeria 2022 Population
Total Population45,350,141 (45.35 million or 4.53 Crore)
Global Rank34
Share of World Pop.0.56%
Land Area 2,381,741 sq.km (919,595 sq. mi)
Area Rank10th
Pop. Density18 person/sq. km
Capital CityAlgiers
Algeria Demographics
Fertility Rate*3.05
Infant mortality rate**18.4
Median Age 28.5 years
Life Expectancy77.50 years
Urban Population72.9%

Source: United Nation World  Populations Prospects 

*Fertility rate, average number of children born to women during their reproductive years.

**Infant mortality rate is the number of deaths per 1,000 live births of children under one year of age.

Religion in Algeria

Religion in Algeria

  • Islam – 99.1%
  • Christianity – 0.4%
  • Unaffiliated – 0.4%
  • Other religions total <0.1%

Source: Wikipedia

Top Cities in Algeria by Population

1AlgiersAlgiers Province23,64,230
2OranOran Province8,03,329
3ConstantineConstantine Province4,48,028
4AnnabaAnnaba Province3,42,703
5BlidaBlida Province3,31,779
6BatnaBatna Province2,89,504
7DjelfaDjelfa Province2,65,833
8SétifSétif Province2,52,127
9Sidi Bel AbbèsSidi Bel Abbès Province2,10,146
10BiskraBiskra Province2,04,661
11TébessaTébessa Province1,94,461
12El OuedEl Oued Province1,86,525
13SkikdaSkikda Province1,82,903
14TiaretTiaret Province1,78,915
15BéjaïaBéjaïa Province1,76,139
16TlemcenTlemcen Province1,73,531
17OuarglaOuargla Province1,69,928
18BécharBéchar Province1,65,241
19MostaganemMostaganem Province1,62,885
20Bordj Bou ArréridjBordj Bou Arréridj Province1,58,812