Bangladeshi in Middle East 2022

Bangladesh has the 4th largest diaspora in the world, with 13 million people living or settled outside Bangladesh.  As per the UN report on the International migrant stock, Bangladesh was one of the leading countries of origin of international migrants, with 7,401,763 Bangladeshi persons living abroad.

The Middle East has the largest Bangladeshi Overseas population estimated at 5-7 million. The largest Bangladesh community is in Saudi Arabia (2.5 million) followed by UAE (1 million) and Oman (0.7 million)

Source: UN report on International migrant stock at mid-year 2020

Bangladeshi Population by Middle East Countries

The Middle East makes up the most significant and ever-growing Bangladeshi diaspora. Approximately 5-7 million live in the Middle East and Bangladeshis who come to the Middle East are primarily guest workers or day laborers. 

Bangladesh is one of the largest labor suppliers to Saudi Arabia. Bangladeshi immigrants (diaspora) mostly migrate to Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, and Qatar. 

Let’s have a look at the countries of the Middle East by Bangladeshi Population.

# Country Overseas Bangladeshi
1  Saudi Arabia 2,500,000
2  United Arab Emirates 1,089,917 
3  Oman 680,242 
4  Qatar 400,000
5  Kuwait 350,000
6  Bahrain 200,000
7  Lebanon 160,000
8  Jordan 150,000
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