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Population of Overseas Bangladeshi 2022

Bangladesh has the 4th largest diaspora in the world, with 13 million people living or settled outside Bangladesh.  Bangladeshi diaspora has been viewed as Bangladeshis who have settled or are born abroad but maintain varying degrees of linkage with Bangladesh and with other diasporic members or communities of Bangladeshi origin.

As per the UN report on the International migrant stock, Bangladesh was one of the leading countries of origin of international migrants, with 7,401,763 Bangladeshi persons living abroad. The Middle East has the largest Bangladeshi Overseas population estimated at 3 million. The second-largest community, at around 1 million, lives in Malayasia followed in third place by the United Kingdom.

Source: UN report on International migrant stock at mid-year 2020

List of Top Countries by Bangladeshi Population (Overseas Bangladeshi )

It is perceived that about 10 million Bangladeshis are living abroad of which about 2.4 million Bangladeshis are living abroad permanently either as citizens or with other valid documents in as many as 162 countries. They make up the ever-growing Bangladeshi diaspora. Long Term Bangladeshis immigrants (diaspora) mostly migrate to the industrial countries including UK, USA, Italy, Japan, Australia, Greece, Canada, Spain, Germany, South Africa, France, Netherlands, Belgium, and Switzerland.

As per the latest estimates, there are 13 million Bangladeshi residing outside Bangladesh. Saudia Arabia (2.5 million) ranks No.1 in the Overseas population followed by Malaysia (1 million) & UAE (0.8 million).   Let’s have a look at the Top countries by Bangladeshi Population.

#CountryOverseas Bangladeshi
1 Saudi Arabia2,500,000
2 Malaysia1,000,000
3 United Arab Emirates706,000
4 Oman
5 United Kingdom590,832 
6 Italy400,000
7 Qatar400,000
8 Kuwait350,000
9 South Africa300,000
10 United States213,372
11 Bahrain200,000
12 Lebanon160,000
13 Jordan150,000
14 Singapore150,000
15 Maldives150,000
16 Canada100,000
17 Greece80,000
18 Australia41,233
19 Japan40,000
20 Brunei30,000
21 Spain30,000
22 Mauritius25,000
23 South Korea21,000
24 Libya20,000
25 Poland18,000
26 Germany15,710
27 France14,400
28 Sweden12,965
29 Finland7,000
Overseas Bangladeshi Population | Bangladeshi Diaspora