Pakistani population in Canada

Pakistani Population in Canada 2022

Pakistan has the 6th largest diaspora in the world, with 8-10 million people living or settled outside Pakistan. As per the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and HRD report 2017, an estimated 8.8 million Pakistanis live abroad or outside Pakistan.

The Americas has sizeable Pakistanis Overseas population estimated at around 1 million and Canada is the country with the second-largest overseas Pakistanis population in Americas after US.  As per the estimates, the Pakistani Population in Canada in 2022 is 215,560 (2 lakh)

Source: Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and HRD report 2017

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Pakistani Canadians

Pakistani Canadian refers to the community in Canada of Pakistani heritage or descent. As per the Candian Census, the Pakistani Canadians comprise a subgroup of South Asian Canadians which is a further subgroup of Asian Canadians.

As per the 2016 Canadian Census, there are about 202,000 Canadians who claim Pakistani ancestry. Toronto has the largest Pakistani-Canadian community in the country, with a majority living in the localities of Rexdale, Scarborough, East York, and Milton.  Toronto’s Pakistani community is quite diverse with people from Muhajirs, and Punjabi backgrounds. Vancouver has the fastest-growing Pakistani community in Canada. 

Regions with significant populations

  • Ontario  – 149,000
  • Alberta – 29,300
  • Quebec – 13,500
  • British Columbia – 12,600

Source: wikipedia