Police Stations in Bhilai | Bhiali-Durg Police Station List

Police Stations in Bhilai & Durg| Durg Police General Information

are u looking for Information of Police stations in Bhilai & Durg ? 

The Durg police is part of the Chhattisgarh police & responsible for maintaining Law and Order enforcement in Durg District & Durg & Bhilai City. Durg district comes under the Durg police range of Chhattisgarh Police. Durg range is headed by the Inspector General of Police (IG). The Current IG, Durg Range is Vivekanand Sinha*

District Police of Durg is headed by the Superintendent of Police (SP).  He is assisted by two Additional Superintendent of Police (Addl. SP) (City & Rural).  & three Deputy Superintendent of Police DSPs. ASP City looks after the law and order Police Stations in the Urban Areas. ASP Rural looks after the law and order Police Stations in the Rural Areas. 

The district is further divided into police circles/ subdivisions, each headed by a CSP/SDPO. The current SSP is Prashant Thakur*

*For accurate info visit drug police website: http://www.durgpolice.cg.gov.in/



List of Police Stations in Bhilai & Durg

Durg district has 4 subdivisions i.e Durg, Bhilai Nagar, Chhawani & Patan. Each subdivision is headed by CSP/SDOP. Durg Poice has a total of 22 police stations and 4 chowkis under it. The List is as follows.

Durg City Police Station List

  • Durg Police Station
  • Padmanabhpur Out Post
  • Mohan Nagar Police Station
  • Pulgaon Police Station
  • Anjora Out Post
  • Jewara Sirsa Out Post
  • Dhamdha Police Station
  • Bori Out Post

Bhilai Nagar Police Station List

  • Bhilai Nagar Police Station
  • Bhilai Bhatti Police Station
  • Newai Police Station
  • Supela Police Station
  • Smriti Nagar Out Post
  • Vaishali Nagar Police Station

Chhawani Sub Division Police Station List

  • Chhawani Police Station
  • Jamul Police Station
  • Old Bhilai Police Station
  • Khurshipar Police Station
  • Kumhari Police Station’
  • Nandini Police Station

Patan Sub Division Police Station List

  • Patan Police Station
  • Utai Police Station
  • Machandoor Out Post
  • Ranitarai Police Station
  • Amleshwar Police Station
  • Andda Police Station

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For more information visit http://www.durgpolice.cg.gov.in/