Haridwar Police General Information

are u looking for Information of Police stations in Haridwar ? 

The Haridwar police is part of the Uttrakhand police & responsible for maintaining Law and Order enforcement in the Haridwar District. The Haridwar district comes under the Garwhal police range of Uttrakhand Police. Garwahal range is headed by the Inspector General of Police (IG). 

District Police of Haridwar is headed by the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP). He is assisted by three Superintendents of Police (SP) (City, Rural Area, and Traffic). SP City looks after the law and order of Police Stations in the Urban Areas. SP Rural looks after the law and order of Police Stations in Rural Areas. SP Traffic takes care of the traffic in the whole of the district.

The district is further divided into numerous police circles, each headed by a Circle Officer in the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police. 

List of Police Stations in Haridwar

Police Stations in Haridwar come under the circle officers (CO). Haridwar district has 7 Circles i.e City, Syampur,  Roorkee, Mangalore, Pathr, Lakshar & Sadar. Haridwar District has 16 + Law & Order Police Stations. The list is as follows

Hariwar Police Station List

  • Kotwali Nagar Police Station
  • Jwalapur Police Station
  • Kankhal Police Station
  • Ranipur Police Station
  • Roorkee Police Station
  • Bhagwanpur Police Station
  • Mangalore Police Station
  • Lakshar Police Station
  • Pathri Police Station
  • Shyampur Police Station
  • Khanpur Police Station
  • Bugawala Police Station
  • Sidkul Police Station
  • Kaliyar Sharif Police Station
  • Jhabrera Police Station
  • Bahadarabad Police Station
Helpline Numbers
  • Police – 100
  • District Control Room Haridwar – 0135 2716234
  • Women’s Helpline – 1091
  • Police Control Room -112
  • Fire Brigade -101
  • Emergency Medical -102
  • Crime Control – 1090
  • Child helpline – 1098
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