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Indians in Tanzania

India has the largest diaspora in the world & as per the Ministry of External Affairs, there are 3.2 Crores or 32 million Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) and Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs) residing outside India.

As per the Ministry of External Affairs report, there are 60,000 (60 thousand) Indians residing in Tanzania.

  • Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs) – 50,000 (5o thousand)
  • Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) – 10,000

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Source: MEA report about overseas Indian population.

Tanzania Indian Population

Indians make up less than 1% of the Tanzania population and approx population of Indians in Tanzania as of 2023 is 60 thousand. Indian merchant and artisan community settlements in Tanzania go back to the 13th-14th century. For long East African coast has had Indian settlements in Zanzibar, Kilwa, Mombasa, and Mozambique.

Many of them are traders and they control a sizeable portion of the Tanzanian economy. Indians have a long history in Tanzania starting with the arrival of Gujarati traders. They came to gradually control the trade in Zanzibar. There are currently over 50,000 people of Indian origin in Tanzania.

Source: Wikipedia

Religion of Indian population in Tanzania

 Hinduism is the majority religion followed by Indians in Tanzania. The breakdown of religious affiliation is as follows

  • Hinduism 
  • Islam 
  • Christians 
  • Others – (Jainism, Sikhism, the Baháʼí Faith)

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