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Indians in Germany 2023

India has the largest diaspora in the world & as per the Ministry of External Affairs, there are 3.2 Crores or 32 million Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) and Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs) residing outside India.

As per the Ministry of External Affairs report, there are 185,085 (1.85 Lakhs) Indians residing in Germany.

  • Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs) – 42,500 (42.5 thousand)
  • Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) – 1,42,585 (1.42 Lakh)

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Indian Population in Germany

Indians make up around 0.2% of the German population and approx population of Indians in Germany as of 2023 is 2 Lakhs. Persons of Indian Origin in Germany are approx  42.5 thousand. According to the Federal Statistical Office, the number of nationals from India is the second largest in Germany from either South, South East, East, or Central Asia, only below the number of nationals from Afghanistan.

Indian Expats have recently immigrated especially information technology professionals. As of 2023, about 1.50 lakh NRIs live in Germany. Most of them live in the regions of Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, and Frankfurt. Indian Students are also in good numbers in Germany. The majority of the Indians are Tamils and Bengalis. While other significant Indian Communities are Telugu, Punjabis, Malayalis, and Gujaratis.

Indian Student in Germany

Indian student numbers in Germany continue to be on the rise. The latest figures released by the Federal Statistical Office of Germany revealed that the number of Indian students in Germany has grown by 20.85% over the last year and stands at 25,149 (Winter Semester 2019-20). The total number of international students in Germany has increased by 4.3% reaching 411,601. The rate of growth in the number of Indian students going to Germany is close to five times that of the global average with Indians forming the 2nd largest group of international students enrolled at German universities.

The largest number of Indian students joined German universities to study engineering (67%) followed by management and social studies (15%), mathematics, and natural sciences (12%). Of these, 63% chose universities or technical universities (TU) and the remaining 37% enrolled themselves at universities of applied sciences (FH). 72.6% of these are male students and 27.4% are female.

Source: MEA report about overseas Indian population.

Religion of Indian population in Germany

Indian Germans have diverse religious backgrounds and are represented mainly by  Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims, and Christians. Hinduism is in majority followed by Christians.

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