Police Stations in Shahjahanpur

Police Stations in Shahjahanpur

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The Shahjahanpur police is part of the Uttar Pradesh police & responsible for maintaining Law and Order enforcement in Shahjahanpur District & Shahjahanpur City. Shahjahanpur district comes under the Bareilly police zone and Bareilly police range of Uttar Pradesh Police. Bareilly zone is headed by the Additional Director General of Police (ADG), whereas the Bareilly range is headed by the Deputy Inspector General of Police (IG). The Current ADG, Bareilly Zone is AVINASH CHANDRA*, whereas the current DIG, Bareilly Range is RAJESH KUMAR PANDEY*

District Police of Shahjahanpur is headed by the Superintendent of Police (SP).  He is assisted by two Additional Superintendent of Police (Addl. SP) (City &  Rural Area). Addl. SP City looks after the law and order Police Stations in the Urban Areas. Addl. SP Rural looks after the law and order Police Stations in the Rural Areas. 

The district is further divided into numerous police circles, each headed by a Circle Officer in the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police. The current SP is S. ANAND*

*Subject to change, for accurate info visit: https://uppolice.gov.in/

List of Police Stations in Shahjahnpur

Police Stations in Shahjahnpur comes under the circle officers (CO). There are five Circles i.e City, Sadar, Jalalabad, Tilhar, & Pawayan. It also has a traffic Circle. Shahjahnpur District has 23 + Law & Order Police Stations. The list is as follows

Shahjahnpur City Police Station List

  • C.O. CITY – I
    Kotwali Police Station
    Mahila Thana Women Police Station
    Ramchandra Mission Police Station
    Sadar Bazar Police Station

Shahjahnpur Rural Police Station List

  • C.O. Sadar
    Kanth Police Station 
    Madanapur Police Station 
    Nigohi Police Station 
    Roza Police Station 
    Sehramau west Police Station 
  • C.O. Jalalabad
    Allahganj Police Station  
    Jalalabad Police Station  
    Kalan Police Station  
    Mirzapur Police Station  
    Paraur Police Station  
    Banda Police Station 
    Khutar Police Station 
    Puwayan Police Station 
    Sindhauli Police Station 
    Gariya Rangeen Police Station
    Jaitipur Police Station
    Katra Police Station
    Khudganj Police Station
    Tilhar Police Station
Helpline Numbers
Helpline NumbersHelp Line No
CM Help Line No1076
Police Help Line No100
Women Help Line No1091
Crime Stopper1090
Child Help Line No1098
Ambulance No108
Traffic Police1031
Anti Curruption1033
National Ambulance service102
Electricity Helpline No1912

For others Imortant Numbers Visit: https://shahjahanpur.nic.in/directory-pdf/

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For more information visit https://uppolice.gov.in/