Map of Indore

Map of Indore | Indore City - Divisions

Indore is the most populous and the largest city in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. Located on the southern edge of Malwa Plateau, at an average altitude of 553 meters (1,814 ft) above sea level & 190 km (120 mi) west of the state capital of Bhopal. Indore had a census-estimated 2011 population of 1,994,397 (municipal corporation) and 2,170,295 (urban agglomeration).

The city is distributed over a land area of just 530 square kilometers (200 sq mi). The latitude of the Indore is 22.719568 and the longitude is 75.857727. It is located between the 22° 43′ 10.4448” N and 75° 51′ 27.8172” E.

The City is administered by Indore Municipal Corporation for the provision of civic facilities and is spread over a geographic area of 276 km2. In the year 2014, on the date of 20th November Government of Madhya Pradesh merged 29 villages into IMC limits, thus increasing the jurisdiction of IMC. IMC area is divided into 19 administrative zones & 85 wards.

Map of  Indore is categorised  & marked as following

  • Residential – Yellow  
    Proposed Residental – Light orange & Pink
  • Commercial – Blue
  • Industrial – Purple
    Public & SemiPublic – Red
  • Public Utilities – Brown
  • Village Settlement – Yellow
    Agricultural – Grey
  • Water Bodies – Sky Blue
  • Greens (Recreational, Park & playgrounds)

Map of Indore

Indore Map

Source: Indore Master Plan

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