Noida Sectors Classification

Noida Sectors Classification

Noida stands for the New Okhla Industrial Development Authority. Its a planned city & managed by the New Okhla Industrial Development Authority (also called NOIDA). 

As per the master plan, Noida has a total of 163 Sectors. Sectors in Noida are classified under residential, residential high density, Village Abadi, Institutional, Industry, SEZ,  Commercial, wholesale, warehousing, Transportation & Greens (Recreational, Park & playgrounds). 

Residential Sectors

Residential Area Development consists of mainly three types of area. Village Abadi and Extension Area., Medium & High-Density Residential Area. 88 Sectors in Noida are classified as residential & cover 37% of Noida land. 

List of residential sectors

Industrial Sectors

Industrial development in Noida has been in three phases. The first & initial stage of its development in sector 1 to 11. The Second Stage was developed in the central-easter part i.e sector around 80 & 81 Noida Phase 2. The third Phase was near the North-Eastern part of the Noida i.e 57,58, 60, 63, 64 & 65. Some part of industrial land is still available for development in these areas. Some Sectors will be Special Economic Zone SEZ ( NEPZ already developed in Phase 2.) 

List of Industrial sectors

Commercial Sectors

In Master Plan 2031 the total area proposed for commercial land use is about 581.33 hectares. Besides this, commercial facilities have been provided at sector, block and cluster levels as well. The list of sectors for Commercial use in Noida are

Institutional Sectors

In Master Plan 2031 about 1378 hectare land is proposed for institutions and other public-semi public facilities at the city level. These include Central, State, and Local government offices and private sector. It also includes offices of the public sector undertakings like GAIL, HUDCO, NHPC etc. Institutional areas are located along the expressway and National Highway – 24

Recreational green Sectors

In Master Plan, 2031  large areas are proposed as recreational green, which is located at different places in the city. These sectors are proposed mainly for recreational green land use/