Police Stations in Vijayawada | Vijayawada Police Station List

Police Stations in Vijayawada | Vijayawada Police General Information

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The Vijayawada City Police which is part of the Andhra Pradesh Police is the local law enforcement agency for the city of Vijayawada.  The Vijayawada City Police has its own Police Commissionerate & is headed by a Police Commissioner, who is an Indian Police Service officer of Additional Director General of Police rank. He is assisted by one joint commissioner of police and four Deputy Commissioners of Police who are also IPS officers. The present Police commissioner is Sri B. Sreenivasulu, IPS

List of Police Stations in Kolkata

At present Vijayawada Police has 5 divisions i.e  West, Central, North, South & East covering 23 Police Stations. Each Division is headed by ACP & Police Station by Inspector of Police or Sub Inspector. It also has divisions like the Crime Branch, Cyber Crime, Special Branch, Traffic Police, Enforcement Branch, Hoem Guards, Taskforce, etc. Let’s have look at the list of Police stations in Vijayawada

Police Stations List

West Division – Police Stations

  • IBRAHIMPATNAM Police Station
    Contact detail: 0866-2882333
    Email Id: sho_ibpm@vza.appolice.gov.in
  • BHAVANIPURAM Police Station 
    Contact detail: 0866-2418833
    Email Id: sho_bvm@vza.applice.gov.in
  • I TOWN Police Station
    Contact detail: 0866-2568220
    Email Id: sho_1town@vza.appolice.gov.in
  • II TOWN Police Station
    Contact detail: 0866-2518231
    Email Id: sho_2town@vza.appolice.gov.in

South Division – Police Stations

  • GOVERNORPET Police Station
    Contact detail: 0866-2576023
    Email Id: sho_grpet@vza.appolice.gov.in
  • SURYARAOPET Police Station
    Contact detail: 0866-2573092
    Email Id: sho_srpet@vza.appolice.gov.in
  • KRISHNA LANKA Police Station
    Contact detail: 0866-2482320
    Email Id: sho_klanka@vza.appolice.gov.in

Central Division – Police Stations

  • MACHAVARAM Police Station
    Contact detail: 0866-2495333
    Email Id: sho_mvaram@vza.appolice.gov.in
  • PATAMATA Police Station
    Contact detail: 0866-2542333
    Email Id: sho_patamata@vza.appolice.gov.in
  • PENAMALURU Police Station
    Contact detail: 99517 46017
    Email Id: sho_pnr@vza.appolice.gov.in
  • MAHILA/Women Police Station
    Contact detail: 0866-2490934
    Email Id: sho_wps@vza.appolice.gov.in

North Division – Police Stations

    Land Phone: 0866-2573796
    Email Id: sho_snpuram@vza.appolice.gov.in
  • AJITH SINGH NAGAR Police Station
    Email Id: sho_asn@vza.appolice.gov.in
  • NUNNA Police Station
    Land Phone: 0866-2402386
    Email Id: sho_nunna@vza.appolice.gov.in

East Division – Police Stations

  • GANNAVARAM Police Station
    Contact detail: 08676-252333
    Email Id: sho_gvm@vza.appolice.gov.in
  • ATKURU Police Station
    Contact detail: 08676-259111
    Email Id: atkurups@gmail.com
  • Circle Office: KANKIPADU
    Land Phone: 0866-2821753
    Email Id: ci_kkp@vza.appolice.gov.in
  • Police Station: KANKIPADU
    Contact detail: 0866-2822233
    Email Id: sho_kkp@vza.appolice.gov.in
  • UNGUTURU Police Station
    Contact detail: 08676-284233
    Email Id: sho_ugt@vza.appolice.gov.in
  • Circle Office: VUYYURU
    Contact detail: 08676-233286
    Email Id: ci_vuyyuru@vza.appolice.gov.in
  • VUYYURU TOWN Police Station
    Contact detail: 08676-233233
    Email Id: sho_vtown@vza.appolice.gov.in
  • VUYYURU RURAL Police Station
    Contact detail: 08676-233232
    Email Id: sho_vrural@vza.appolice.gov.in
  • PAMIDIMUKKALA Police Station
    Contact detail: 08676-282233
    Email Id: sho_pml@vza.appolice.gov.in
  • THOTLAVALLURU Police Station
    Contact detail: 0866-2804233
    Email Id: sho_tvr@vza.appolice.gov.in

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