The Villages in Delhi | List of Urban Villages in Delhi

Historic Perspective

Delhi unlike the rest of the country does not live in its villages. This is largely due to the tremendous growth and expansion of the capital city which consumed the rural areas. Now these Villages has emerged as Urban Villages.

In 1941 Census Number of Villages in Delhi are 354. After 1947 the Government acquired many villages to rehabilitate the displaced persons from Pakistan. Consequently, the number of villages came down to 243 in 1971. According to the 1971 census, there were 258 villages in Delhi of which 15 were uninhabited.

In the preceding decade, 40 villages were urbanized on the establishment of resettlement colonies in agricultural areas and the inclusion of some villages in urban limits as per the Delhi Master Plan. This left 200 villages in rural Delhi. As planned by the Delhi Development Authority DDA the rural areas measured only 1030 sq kms in 1981.

In 2011 Census out of 222 rural area 107 Villages has grown as Census Town.

 The growth of Modern Delhi city started with the foundation of Shahjahanabad in 1648 AD. The proper city covered hardly a radius of 5 kms and all around it, there were small settlements. Upto 1857 the city continued to grow within the walls and rural areas were not disturbed. In 1857 after the suppression of the uprising the British cleared the whole area from Red Fort to Jama Masjid for military reasons. The people who lost their houses in the process migrated to settle outside the walled city. That was the first time when the city started expanding outside the walls into rural hinterland.

In 1911 the shifting of the capital to Delhi site was selected for the new capital near Raisina Hills to the south of the walled city. 7 villages were acquired, village Raisina, Malcha, Kushak, Pelanjee, Dasgarah, Talkatora and Motibagh. The whole area was converted into a garden city measuring over 1 295 hectares and planned for a projected population of 65 000. Large tracts of rural land were acquired to develop a new township in the Civil Lines (military and administrative purposes), Paharganj in the west and Subzi Mandi in the north developed as shelters & few more villages in north were acquired for housing the military cantonment.

After the partition of the country, a large number of Punjabi refugees came to Delhi. A great need was felt to acquire land for their rehabilitation. In the South, the agricultural land of Nizamuddin, Ghari, Zamurdpur, Hauz Rani and Begam Pur villages was acquired to build the rehabilitation colonies of Lajpat Nagar, Kalkaji, Malaviya Nagar and Nizamuddin.

In the west agricultural land of Shadipur, Basai Darapur, Tatarpur, and Khampur Raya villages was acquired to build the new colonies of Rajinder Nagar, Patel Nagar, Moti Nagar, Ramesh Nagar and Tilak Nagar. Kingsway Camp in the North and Gandhi Nagar in the East were built on the agricultural land acquired from the villages of Dhaka, Malikpur and Seelampur respectively.

The laying of new railway lines and roads also brought changes in the structure of the city. The rail connection with Calcutta 1867, Bombay 1873, Karnal and Ambala 1891 and Moradabad 1897 brought about urbanisation along these railway lines. The laying of railway lines and the building of railway stations necessitated the acquisition of large areas between Chandni Chowk and Kashmere Gate. The construction of ring road in 1956 opened up new areas for development in the periphery of the city. Thus owing to urban expansion and structural changes the ruins of the historic cities of Indraprastha, Qila Rai Pithora, Tughlakabad, Siri Jahanpanaha were joined together with Shahjahanabad and New Delhi to form a major urban conglomeration Socio-Economic Changes.

List of Villages in Delhi (Census 2011)

As per Census 2011, NCT of Delhi has 9 Districts, 27 Sub Districts & 222 Rural Areas. Out of this 222 rural area, 107 villages are now counted as Census Town, 108 as proper village & 7 as uninhabited villages. List of Districts with sub-districts is as follows

  1. Central Delhi
    Sub Districts: Darya Ganj, Karol Bagh, Paharganj
  2. East Delhi
     Sub Districts: Gandhi Nagar, Preet Vihar, Vivek Vihar
  3. New Delhi
    Sub Districts: Chanakya Puri, Canuaght Place & Parliament Street
  4. North Delhi
    Sub Districts: Civil lines, kotwali, Sadar Bazar
  5. North East Delhi
    Sub Districts: Seelam Pur, Seemapuri & Sahadara
  6. North West Delhi
    Sub Districts: Model Town, Narela, Saraswati Vihar
  7. South Delhi
    Sub Districts: Defense Colony, Hauz Khas, Kalkaji
  8. South West Delhi
    Sub Districts: Delhi Cant, Najafgarh, Vasant Vihar
  9. West Delhi
    Sub Districts: Patel Nagar, Punjabi Bagh, Rajouri Garden

Now let’s have look at Rural Areas/ Villages of Delhi as district wise

List of Villages in East Delhi

  • Shakar Pur Baramad
  • Shamas Pur
  • Gharonda Neemka Bangar alias Patpar Ganj
  • Gharoli (CT)
  • Kondli (CT)
  • Dallo Pura (CT)
  • Chilla Saroda Bangar (CT)
  • Chilla Saroda Khadar (CT)

* CT is Census Town 

List of Villages in North Delhi

  • Salem Pur Majra Burari
  • Badar Pur Majra Burari
  • Jagat Pur ilaqa Shahdara (un-inhabited)
  • Jagat Pur ilaqa Delhi
  • Mukand Pur (CT)
  • Kamal Pur Majra Burari (CT)
  • Burari (CT)
  • Jharoda Majra Burari (CT)
* CT is Census Town 

List of Villages in North East Delhi

  • Badar Pur Khadar
  • Pur Delhi
  • Pur Shahdara
  • Saba Pur Delhi
  • Saba Pur Shahdara
  • Sadat Pur Musalmanan (un-inhabited)
  • Bihari Pur
  • Sher Pur
  • Garhi Mendu
  • Sadat Pur Gujran (CT) 
  • Baqiabad (CT)
  • Karawal Nagar (CT)
  • Dayal Pur (CT)
  • Jiwan Pur alias Johri Pur (CT)
  • Mustafabad (CT)
  • Khan Pur Dhani (CT)
  • Tukhmir Pur (CT)
  • Khajoori Khas (CT)
  • Mir Pur Turk (CT)
  • Ziauddin Pur (CT)
  • Gokal Pur (CT)
  • Babar Pur (CT)
  • Jaffrabad (CT)
  • Mandoli (CT)

* CT is Census Town

List of Villages in North West Delhi

  • Lam Pur
  • Mamoor Pur
  • Singhu
  • Singhola
  • Hamid Pur
  • Taj Pur Kalan
  • Akbar Pur Majra
  • Palla
  • Qullak Pur
  • Jhangola
  • Sunger Pur Shahdara (un-inhabited)
  • Sunger Pur Delhi
  • Tigi Pur
  • Fateh Pur Jat
  • Kham Pur
  • Shah Pur Garhi
  • Kureni
  • Raja Pur Kalan (Un-inhabited)
  • Sanoth
  • Ghoga
  • Hareoli
  • Ochandi
  • Mungesh Pur
  • Katewara
  • Bazid Pur Thakran
  • Nangal Thakran
  • Sultan Pur Dabas
  • Iradat Nagar alias Naya Bans
  • Holambi Khurd
  • Holambi Kalan
  • Zind Pur
  • Hiranki
  • Mohd. Pur Ramzan Pur
  • Tehri Daulat Pur (Un-inhabited)
  • Garhi Khasru
  • Nangli Poona
  • Bodh Pur Bija Pur
  • Kankar Khera
  • Pansali
  • Bankner (CT)
  • Bhor Garh (CT)
  • Tikri Khurd (CT)
  • Bakhtawar Pur (CT)
  • Bankauli (CT)
  • Ali Pur (CT)
  • Mukhmel Pur (CT)
  • Ibrahim Pur (CT)
  • Qadi Pur (CT)
  • Libas Pur (CT)
  • Siras Pur (CT)
  • Khera Kalan (CT)
  • Sahibabad Daulat Pur (CT)
  • Pehlad Pur Bangar (CT)
  • Khera Khurd (CT)
  • Barwala (CT)
  • Pooth Khurd (CT)
  • Bawana (CT)
  • Darya Pur Kalan (CT)
  • Punjab Khor
  • Jat Khor
  • Salah Pur Majra
  • Budhan Pur
  • Chand Pur
  • Madan Pur Dabas
  • Rasool Pur
  • Saoda
  • Chatesar
  • Jonti
  • Garhi Rindhala
  • Nizam Pur Rashid Pur
  • Qutab Garh (CT)
  • Lad Pur (CT)
  • Kanjhawala (CT)
  • Gheora (CT)
  • Rani Khera (CT)
  • Mubarak Pur Dabas (CT)
  • Kirari Suleman Nagar (CT)
  • Nithari (CT)
  • Mohammad Pur Majri (CT)
  • Karala (CT)
  • Begum Pur (CT)
  • Pooth Kalan (CT)
  • Sultan Pur Majra (CT)
  • Shanjar Pur(un-inhabited)
  • Bhalswa Jahangir Pur (CT)
* CT is Census Town 

List of Villages in South Delhi

  • Gadai Pur
  • Satberi
  • Shahur Pur
  • Aya Nagar (CT)
  • Jona Pur (CT)
  • Fateh Pur Beri (CT)
  • Dera Mandi (CT)
  • Bhati (CT)
  • Asola (CT)
  • Chandan Hola (CT)
  • Sultan Pur (CT)
  • Chattar Pur (CT)
  • Maidan Garhi (CT)
  • Raj Pur Khurd (CT)
  • Deoli (CT)
  • Neb Sarai (CT)
  • Saidul Azaib (CT)
  • Tigri (CT)
  • Saidabad (CT)
  • Kotla Mahigiran (CT)
  • Pul Pehlad (CT)
  • Taj Pul (CT)
  • Mithe Pur (CT)
  • Molar Band (CT)
  • Aali (CT)
  • Jait Pur (CT)
* CT is Census Town 

List of Villages in South West Delhi

  • Dichaon Kalan
  • Surakh Pur
  • Mundhela Khurd
  • Mundhela Kalan
  • Surera
  • Kharkhari Nahar
  • Paprawat
  • Goela Khurd
  • Qutab Pur
  • Taj Pur Khurd
  • Rewla Kham Pur
  • Pindwala Kalan
  • Kharkhari Jatmal
  • Khera Dabar
  • Samas Pur Khalsa
  • Baqar Garh
  • Isa Pur
  • Qazi Pur
  • Malik Pur zer-Najafgarh
  • Darya Pur Khurd
  • Sher Pur Deri
  • Kharkhari Rond
  • Hasan Pur
  • Daulat Pur
  • Pindwala Khurd
  • Kangan Heri
  • Salah Pur
  • Raghu Pur
  • Badhosra
  • Nanak Heri
  • Jhatikra
  • Asalat Pur Khawad
  • Shikar Pur
  • Jain Pur(Un-inhabited)
  • Goman Hera
  • Jhuljhuli
  • Sarang Pur
  • Dhansa
  • Ghalib Pur
  • Raota
  • Deorala
  • Jharoda Kalan (CT)
  • Kair (CT)
  • Jaffar Pur Kalan (CT)
  • Ujwa (CT)
  • Mitraon (CT)
  • Khera (CT)
  • Dindar Pur (CT)
  • Roshan Pura alias Dichaon Khurd (CT)
  • Nangli Sakrawati (CT)
  • Chhawala (CT)
  • Moradabad Pahari (CT)
  • Kusum Pur (CT)
  • Malik Pur Kohi alias Rang Puri (CT)
  • Sambhalka (CT)
  • Kapas Hera (CT)
  • Rajokri (CT)
  • Ghitorni (CT)
* CT is Census Town 

List of Villages in West Delhi

  • Bakkar Wala (CT)
  • Bapraula (CT)
  • Hastsal (CT)
  • Jaffar Pur alias Hiran Kudna
  • Mundka (CT)
  • Nangloi Jat (CT)
  • Neel Wal
  • Nilothi (CT)
  • Quammruddin Nagar (CT)
  • Raja Pur Khurd (CT)
  • Shafi Pur Ranhola (CT)
  • Tikri Kalan (CT)
  • Tilang Pur Kotla (CT)
* CT is Census Town 
Sources: Census 2011 
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