Top Indian States by Cotton Production

Cotton is one of the most important commercial crops cultivated in India and accounts for around 25% of the total global cotton production. India got 1st place in the world in cotton acreage with 120.69 Lakh Hectares area under cotton cultivation i.e. around 36% of world area of 333 Lakh Hectares.

India is having 1st place in the world with estimated production of 362.18 lakh bales (6.16 Million Metric Tonnes during cotton season 2021-22 

India is also the 2nd largest consumer of cotton in the world with estimated consumption of 338 lakh bales (5.75 Million Metric Tonnes. Around 67% of India’s cotton is grown on rain-fed areas and 33% on irrigated area. In terms of productivity, India is on 38th rank with yield of 510 kg/ha.

India is the country to grow all four species of cultivated cotton G.arboreum and Herbaceum (Asian cotton), G.barbadense (Egyptian cotton) and G. hirsutum (American Upland cotton). G.hirsutum represents 94% of the hybrid cotton production in India and all the current Bt cotton hybrids are G. hirsutum.

In India, majority of the cotton production comes from ten major cotton growing states, which are grouped into three diverse agro-ecological zones, as under:-

i) Northern Zone – Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan
ii) Central Zone – Gujarat, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh
iii) Southern Zone – Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil nadu

Sourcerbi statistics 

Statewise Cotton Production

The Top three States Gujarat, Telangana and  Maharashtra produces 60% of total quantity of Cotton produced in the country. The state with Largest area under cotton cultivation is Maharashtra (4491 thousand hectares), Gujarat (2665 thousand ha) and Telangana (2127 thousand ha)

Let’s have a look at the States by Area under Cotton Cultivation and Cotton Production.

#State/Union Territory Area under Cultivation 2019-20 
(Thousand Hectares)
Cotton (lint) Production 2019-20
(Thousand tonnes)
5Andhra Pradesh6572508
8Madhya Pradesh6501646
11Tamil Nadu170418
 ALL INDIA1347736065

Source:  RBI Statistic 

Top Indian States by Cotton Production 2024