Top Markets in Noida | Local Markets in Noida

Local Markets in Noida | Top Markets in Noida

In the era of Shopping malls, traditional markets still have their importance when it comes to day to day needs & or bargaining shopping. It has the opportunity of shopping for everyone. Sector 18 is developed as a major commercial area in about 35 hectares. Sector level shopping centers and local level convenient shopping centers have been developed almost in all the sectors of Noida. Flower market in Sector 88, building material market in sector 9 and 49, fruit and vegetable market in sector 12 and 27, Bamboo and Balli market along the road of sector 8, automobiles spare parts in sector 16,  other household electric items market and repair shops have been developed in sector 9.

Local markets in Noida - List of Few Famous & Known Markets

Atta & Indira Market, Sector -27

It’s one of the oldest markets in Noida. Situated close to Sector 18 Metro Station shops are built in all dora land of Atta Village. Its a busy & congested market, with small and medium-sized shops, pavement hawkers selling a variety of goods, including garments, home decor, footwear, export goods, hardware, glass, mirrors, fancy items, aquariums, daily use household goods. The market bustles with a large number of visitors. To find the parking area is a little difficult and many vehicles just park on the road.  A favorite shopping area of low and middle-income segments. Its must-visit for street shoppers & bargain hunters.

Indira Market is extension of Atta Market & Its much older & situated in interior of atta Village & more closer to Sector Noida. It has local boutique stores, stand-alone shops, junk jewellery, women accessories, wholesale toy market, kitchen utensils repairing shops, Fancy dress shops, numerous tailors & stitching shops.

How to reach: It’s in Atta Village, Sector-27, Opposite Sector-18 Market. The nearest Metro station is sector-18

Brahmputra Market, Sector-29

This is one of the oldest & medium-sized local market. Its Foodie heaven with street food vendors who serves delicious Veg & Non-veg food. Its best place in Noida to have a quick bite at a very reasonable price. The Evergreen Sweet Shop, Lakshmi coffee house for South Indian food & Balle Balle for Non-Veg food are some of the famous outlets located in this market. Parking is paid but congested.  

How to reach: Located in Sector-29, Opposite Sector-28 & Brahmaputra Apt. The nearest Metro station is sector-18 & Botanical Garden.

Sector -18 Market

Sector18 Market is the Heart of Noida for shopping purposes. Sector 18 is developed by Noida authority as a major commercial area in about 35 hectares which has been developed as a sub-district commercial. Its biggest shopping market & Office complex in Noida. You can find shopping malls, movie theatres, Brand Shops, Banks, Big jewelers, Company outlets, Book Shops, Salons all kinds of restaurants, clubs, Fast Food Joints here from KFC, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Subway to Fine dining restaurants. Mall of India-DLF, Great India place-GIP, Wave Centre Stage Mall, Radisson Blu Hotels, Atta market, Word of wonder & more mall and attractions places are situated here. The open market in front of Metro 18 is also good. It has both open & Multi-floor parking. So overall Sector 18 market is the best option in Noida for different Shopping purposes.

How to reach:  The nearest Metro station is Sector-18, Its Close to Sector-19, 17, 27, 28, 29. DND is just a kilometer away. 

Sector-41 & 50 Market

How to reach:  The nearest Metro station is City Centre

Bhangel & Sector 110 Market

How to reach:  Its located on Noida Dadri Higway, Near sector-110 Noida

Sector-63 Market

How to reach:  The nearest Metro station is Sector-62

Sector-9 & Harola Market

How to reach:  Its located on DND road, Opposite Telephone Exchange Sector-19 & Police Station Sector-20.

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