Population of Yamunanagar 2021

Population of Yamunanagar 2021

Yamunanagar is a city and a municipal corporation in Yamunanagar district, Haryana. The adjacent older town is called Jagadhri & before independence, it was a small village with most of the population around the railway station, which increased as a result of migration of refugees from west Punjab after the partition. The Yamuna River flows from YamunaNagar district.

Yamunanagar Population - Census 2011

As per provisional reports of Census India, the population of  Yamunanagar City in 2011 is 216,628 (2.17 Lakhs) of which the male population is 115,404 and the female population is 101,224.


The initial provisional data released by census India 2011, shows that the density of Yamunanagar District for 2011 is 687 people per sq. km. 


The average literacy rate of Yamunanagar City in 2011 was 85.91 %. If things are looked out at gender wise, male and female literacy was 89.61 % and 81.71%. respectively. Total literate in Yamunanagar city was 166,419 of which 92,164 are males while 74,255 are females.


With regards to the Sex Ratio in Yamunanagar, it stood at 877 per 1000 males. The average national sex ratio in India is 940 as per the latest reports of Census 2011 Directorate. In the 2011 census, the child sex ratio is 824 girls per 1000 boys


In census enumeration, data regarding child under 0-6 age were also collected. There were a total of 22,905 children under the age of 0-6 years. Of total  12,556 are boys while 10,349 are girls. Child Sex Ratio as per census 2011 was 824. In 2011, Children under 0-6 formed 10.58 % of the total population of Yamunanagar City

Sources: Census 2011

Population of Yamunanagar in 2021 – 2.50 lakhs (approx)

Yamunanagar CityCensus 2011
Total Population216,628 ( 2.17 lacs)
Male Population115,404
Female Population101,224
Density of Population per sq. km
Average Literacy (%)85.91 %
% of Male Literates89.61 %
% of Female Literates81.71 %
Sex Ratio877
Child Sex Ratio824
Children (0-6 years)22,905
Boys (0-6yrs)12,556
Girls  (0-6 Yrs)10,349

Sources: Census 2011

Yamunanagar District Population

Yamunanagar district is one of the  districts of Haryana. As per census 2011, Yamunanagar district population is 12,14,162 (12.14 Lakhs) of which 646,718 are males and 567,487 are females. The literacy rate is 78.90 % & the Male-Female Sex ratio is 877. The child sex ratio is 826.

Yamunanagar DistrictCensus 2011
Total Population12,14,162 (12.14 Lakhs)
Male Population646,718
Female Population567,487
District Area1.756
Density of Population687 per sq. km
Average Literacy (%)78.90%
Sex Ratio877
Child Sex Ratio826

Source: Census 2011