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Sikkim Population 2023

Sikkim is a state in the northeastern region of India. Sikkim is the least populous and second smallest among the Indian states. As per provisional reports of Census India, the population of  Sikkim in 2011 is 610,577 (6.10 lakh) and the projected Population of Sikkim in 2023 is 691,000 (6.9 lakh)

Census 2011-2021

Andhra Pradesh has a population growth rate of 13.05% during 2011-2021. Its estimated population in 2021 is 6.80 Lakhs* an increase of around  70 thousand from 2011.

SikkimCensus 2011
Total Population610,577 (6.10 Lacs)
Male Population323,070
Female Population287,507
Sex Ratio890
Population Density86/km2
Population Rank28th
Total Area7,096  km2
Area Rank27th
Average Literacy (%)82.6%
Formation16 May 1975
Capital CityGangtok

Source: Census 2011 & Census  Estimates

Population of Sikkim 2023