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Senegal Population 2023

Senegal, officially the Republic of Senegal, is a country in West Africa. As per the UN World Population Prospects report, the population of Senegal in 2023 is 17,763,163 (1.78 Crore)

Population of Senegal in 2023 – 17.8 million

Senegal 2023 Population
Total Population17,763,163
Global Rank71
Land Area 192,530 sq.km (74,340 sq. mi)
Area Rank86
Pop. Density87 people/sq. km
Capital CityDakar

Source: UN World Population Prospects report

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Religion in Senegal

Islam is the majority religion in Senegal and 89% of the population follows Islam. In Senegal, 95% of Muslims belong to a Sufi brotherhood. The two largest orders are the Tijaniyyah and the Muridiyyah or Mourides, although the pan-Islamic Qadiriyyah and the smaller Layene brotherhood are also represented in parts of the country. Shia Islam in Senegal is practiced by a growing number of Senegalese people, as well as by the Lebanese community in Senegal.

Christianity is the second-largest religion in Senegal and stands at between 5% – 6% of Egypt’s population.  About 95% of Senegal Christians are members of the Catholic Church and smaller numbers follow Protestantism.

Folk religion accounts for 4.1%, and the remaining 1.3% are classified as unaffiliated, which can mean agnostic, atheist, or “nothing in particular.”

Religion percentage in Senegal 

Islam 89%
Christians 5.5%
Folk religion 4.1%
Other religions 0.2%
No religion 1.3%
Senegal Demographics
Fertility Rate* 4.65
Infant mortality rate ** 26.4
Median Age  18.5 years
Life Expectancy 68.87 years
Urban Population 49.4%

*Fertility rate, average number of children born to women during their reproductive years.

**Infant mortality rate is the number of deaths per 1,000 live births of children under one year of age.

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