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Papua New Guinea Population 2023

Papua New Guinea, officially the Independent State of Papua New Guinea, is a country in Oceania that comprises the eastern half of the island of New Guinea and its offshore islands in Melanesia (a region of the southwestern Pacific Ocean north of Australia). It is the world’s third-largest island country. As per the United Nations World Population Prospects, the population of Papua New Guinea in 2023 is 10,329,930 (1 crore)

Estimated Population of Papua New Guinea in 2023 – 10.3 million 

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Papua New Guinea Demographics
Papua New Guinea2023 Population
Total Population10,329,930
Global Rank92
Land Area 452,860 sq. km (174,850 sq. mi)
Area Rank54
Pop. Density20 people/sq. km
Growth rate1.81%
Fertility Rate* 3.59
Infant mortality rate ** 36.6
Median Age  22.4 Years
Life Expectancy 65.22 years
Urban Population 13.10%

Source: UN World Population Prospects 

Religion in Papua New Guinea

Christianity is the main religion in Papua New Guinea and 95.6% of citizens identified themselves as Christian. Amon Christians in Papua New Guinea, Protestants are in majority and 70% of the population. They are represented by the Evangelical Lutheran Church, the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Pentecostal denominations, the United Church, the Evangelical Alliance, and the Anglican Church.

Next comes the Roman Catholics, followed by 25% of the population.  1.4% were not Christian, and 3.1% gave no answer. 

Religion percentage in Papua New Guinea 

Catholic Church 26%
Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea 18.40%
Seventh-day Adventist 12.9% 
Pentecostal 10.40%
United Church in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands 10.30%
Evangelical Alliance Papua New Guinea 5.90%
Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea 3.20%
Baptist 2.80%
Salvation Army 0.40%
Kwato Church 0.20%
Other Christian5.10%
Non-Christian 1.40%
Not stated 3.10%

Source: Census 2011

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Top Cities in Papua New Guinea by Population
1Port Moresby  283,733
2 Lae 76,255
3 Arawa 40,266
4 Mount Hagen 33,623
5 Popondetta 28,198
6 Madang 27,419
7 Kokopo  26,273
8 Mendi 26,252
9 Kimbe 18,847
10 Goroka 18,503
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