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New Caledonia Population

New Caledonia is a special collectivity of France in the southwest Pacific Ocean. The archipelago, part of the Melanesia subregion is south of Vanuatu, about 1,210 km (750 mi) east of Australia. As per the UN World Population Prospects report,  the population of New Caledonia in 2023 is 292,991 (2.93 lakh)

The total Land Area of New Caledonia is 18,280 Km2 (7,058 sq. miles) & the Population Density of New Caledonia is 16 per Km2 (40 people per mi2).

 New Caledonia2023 Population
Total Population292,991
Global Rank186
Dependency ofFrance
Land Area 18,280 sq. km (7,058 sq. mi)
Area Rank
Pop. Density16 people/sq. km
Capital CityNouméa

Source: UN World Population Prospects 

Religion in New Caledonia

Christianity is the main religion in  New Caledonia and 85% of the population of is Christian. Half of the population is Roman Catholic, The island also has numerous Protestant churches, of which the Free Evangelical Church and the Evangelical Church in New Caledonia and the Loyalty Islands have the largest number of adherents.

About 2.8% of the population follows Islam, 0.6% follow Buddhism, and 0.2% practice ingenious faiths. Other smaller religions make up 1% of the population.  The remaining 10.4% are classified as unaffiliated, which can mean agnostic, atheist, or “nothing in particular.”

Religion percentage in New Caledonia

  •   Christianity – 85.2%
  •   No religion  – 10.4%
  •   Islam – 2.8%
  •   Buddhism – 0.6%
  •   Folk religion – 0.2%
  •   Other Religion – 0.8%

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New Caledonia Demographics
Fertility Rate* 1.97
Infant mortality rate ** 10.4
Median Age 33.6 years.
Life Expectancy 78.16 years
Urban Population 72%

*Fertility rate, average number of children born to women during their reproductive years.

**Infant mortality rate is the number of deaths per 1,000 live births of children under one year of age.

Population of New Caledonia 2024 | Religion in New Caledonia 2024