Population of Ambala 2021 | Ambala District Population

Population of Ambala 2021

Ambala is a city in the Indian state of Haryana. It’s located on the Punjab Haryana border close to Chandigarh city. Ambala has two sub-areas Ambala Cantt and Ambala City, eight kilometers apart, therefore it is also known as Twin City. 

Ambala Population - Census 2011

As per provisional reports of Census India, the population of  Ambala City in 2011 is 195,153 (1.95 Lakhs) of which the male population is 102,607 and the female population is 92,546


The average literacy rate of Ambala City in 2011 was 87.35 %. If things are looked out at gender wise, male and female literacy was 90.63 % and 83.76 % respectively. Total literate in Ambala city was 152,546 of which 82,859 are males while 9,344 are females.


With regards to the Sex Ratio in Ambala , it stood at 902 per 1000 males. The average national sex ratio in India is 940 as per the latest reports of Census 2011 Directorate. In the 2011 census, the child sex ratio is 836 girls per 1000 boys


In census enumeration, data regarding child under 0-6 age were also collected. There were a total of 20,521 children under the age of 0-6 years. Of total 11,177 are boys while 9,344 are girls. Child Sex Ratio as per census 2011 was 836. In 2011, Children under 0-6 formed 10.33 % of the total population of Ambala City

Sources: Census 2011

Population of Ambala City in 2021 - 2.40 lakhs (approx)

Ambala CityTotalMaleFemale
Population (Census 2011)1,95,153
(1.95 Lacs)
Children (0-6)20,52111,1779,344
Average Literacy (%)87.35%90.63 %83.76 %
Sex ratio902 
Child Sex ratio836 


Ambala Cantonment Population

Ambala Cantt. is a Cantonment Board city in the district of Ambala, Haryana. As per census 2011, Ambala Cantt area population is 55,370  of which 33,226 are males and 22,144 are females. The literacy rate is 95.07 % & the Male-Female Sex ratio is 879. The child sex ratio is 830

Ambala District Population

Ambala district is one of the 22 districts of Haryana with Ambala City serving as the administrative headquarters of the district.  As per census 2011, Ambala District population is 11, 28,350 (11.28 Lakhs) of which 5,98,703 are males and 5,29,647 are females. The literacy rate is 81.75% & the Male-Female Sex ratio is 885. The child sex ratio is 810