Police Stations in Junagadh, Gujarat

Police Stations in Junagadh | Junagadh Police General Information

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Junagadh Police is part of the Gujrat Police & is the agency responsible for maintaining Law and Order & traffic in Junagadh District. The District Police comes under the Junagadh Range of Gujrat Police. Junagadh range is headed by the Inspector General of Police (IG). The current IG, Junagadh Range is Shri Maninder Pratap Singh Pawar, IPS.

District Police of Junagadh is headed by the Superintendent of Police (SP).  He is assisted by Deputy Superintendents of Police & SDPOs. Shri Vasamsetti Ravi Teja, IPS is currently serving as Superintendent of Police.

List of Police Stations in Junagadh District

Junagadh District Police has 3 divisions Junagadh city, Keshod & Mangrol. Each Division is headed by a DSP ranked police officer. Each of these three divisions has a Circle Police Inspector under it, i.e CPI Junagadh, CPI Manavadar & CPI Mangrol. 
Junagadh City has 10 Police Stations under it, Keshod  Division has 4 police stations & Mangrol has 5 police stations. At Present, Junagadh District has 19 police stations under it. The list is as follows

Junagadh Police Station List

  • A-Division Junagadh City Police Station
    Address: Azad Chowk, Junagadh – 2001, Gujarat, India
  • B-Division, Junagadh City Police Station
    Address: Opposite Home Guard Office, Court Road, Junagadh, Gujarat, India.
  • C Division Police Station
    Address: Gandhigram Area Junagadh in front of the big post office,
  • Visavadar Police Station
    Addreess: S.T. Near the stand Visavadar
  • Women’s police station
    Address: Women’s Po.Ste. Kalwa Chowk Junagadh, Kalwa Chowk, Junagadh – 2001,
  • Junagadh Taluka Police Station
    Address: Near Sabalpur Chokdi Junagadh, Gujarat, India
  • Bhesan Police Station
    Address: Old Mamlatdar Office Bhesan, Bhensan, Dist. Junagadh
  • Bilkha Police Station
    Address: Government High School, Bilkha, Gujarat.
  • Mendarda Police Station
    Address: Mamlatdar Office Compound Mendarda, Gujarat
  • Bhavnath Police Station
    Address: In front of Sahi-Sutarni Wadi, Bhavnath Post Office, Junagadh City

Keshod Police Station List

Manavadar Circle

  • Keshod Police Station
  • Vanthali police station
  • Manavadar Police Station
  • Bantwa Police Station

Mangrol Police Station List

Mangrol Circle

  • Mangrol Police Station
  • Mangrol Marine Police Station
  • Shil police station
  • Chorwad police station
  • Maliya Hati’s Police Station
Helpline Numbers
  • Police Assistance – 100
  • Emergencies District Helpline: 0285 – 2633446
  • District EOCs Helpline: 1077
  • Woman Helpline: 1091
  • Child Helpline:1098
  • Ambulance helpline: 108
  • Fire & Rescue:101
  • Commissioner of Rescue & Relief : 1070

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