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Guwahati Police General Information

are u looking for Information of Police stations in Guwahati City ? 

The Guwahati Police which is part of the Assam Police is the law enforcement agency for the city of Guwahati. It has Police Commissionerate System & headed by the Commissioner of Police. He is assisted by 1 Joint Commissioner of Police, 9 Deputy Commissioner of Police & 11 ACPs. 

List of Police Stations in Guwahati

Guwahati Police has been divided into 3 divisions or Districts i.e West, East & Central Police. Each headed by the Deputy Commissioner of Police. Each district is further divided into ACP Zones headed by ACP ( Assistant Commissioner of Police). 

The West Police District comprises ACP Azara, Guwahati, and Jalukbari. The East Police District comprises ACP Basistha, Sonapur and Dispur. The Central Police District comprises ACP Pan Bazaar, ACP Chandmari, and Noonmati. Each ACP has 2-3 Police stations under it. Guwahati Police has 20+ Law & order Police stations under it. Besides Law & Order PS Guwahati Police also has Crime, Traffic, Border, Security, Cyber Crime, Women, etc. divisions under it.

Guwahati Police Stations List

East Police District

  • Dispur Police Station
  • Basistha Police Station
  • Khetri Police Station
  • Hatigaon Police Station
  • Bhangagarh Police Station
  • Sonapur Police Station

Central Police District

  • Chandmari Police Station
  • Noonmati Police Station
  • Geetanagar Police Station
  • Paltanbazar Police Station
  • Panbazar Police Station
  • Latasil Police Station
  • Satgaon Police Station
  • Pragjyotishpur Police Station
  • All Women Police Station

West Police District

  • Bharalumukh Police Station
  • Jalukbari Police Station
  • Fatasil Ambari Police Station
  • Gorchuk Police Station
  • Azara Police Station

For Contact details visit: https://police.assam.gov.in/about-us/detail/contact-number-of-police-officers-police-commissionerate-guwahati-assam

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Note: This page is for General Information purpose, for accurate info visit Guwahati Police official websites given below.

For more information visit https://police.assam.gov.in/

Police Stations in Guwahati | Guwahati Police Station List