Police Stations in Gaya | Gaya Police Station List

Police Stations in Gaya | Gaya Police General Information

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Gaya Police which is part of the Bihar Police is responsible for law enforcement within Gaya district & Gaya city. Gaya District Police comes under the Magadh range of Bihar police. Magadh Range is headed by the Inspector General of Police. Shri Rakesh Rathi, IPS is the current IG of Madadh Range, Gaya.  

Gaya District Police is headed by Senior Superintendent of Police & assisted by Superintendent of Police- City (SP), two Additional Superintendent of Police & four Dy. SP. At the Circle level, it has SDPO & Circle Officers. The present SSP of Gaya is Sri Aditya Kumar & SP City is Shri Rakesh Kumar

List of Police Stations in Gaya

Gaya police is broadly divided into Eight subdivisions namely Town, Bodhgaya, L&Om Tekari, Sherghati, Neemchak Bathani, and Wazirganj, each headed by a Dy.Sp/ SDPO. It also has a traffic division. It’s further divided into Circle level & headed by Circle Inspector. Circles are Kotwali, Civil Lines, Rampur, Chandauti, Bodhgaya, Sherghati, Imamganj, Khijarsarai , Mufassil &  Tikari. Each Circle has 4-5 Police stations under it. Gaya District has 46 law & order police stations. The list is as follows

Gaya City Police Stations List

Gaya Town SubDivision
  • Civil line Police Station 
  • Delha Police Station 
  • Kotwali Police Station 
  • Rampur Police Station 
  • Vishnupad Police Station 
  • Mahila Police Station
  • SC/ST Police Station
Bodhgaya Subdivision
  • BodhGaya Police Station 
  • Cherki Police Station 
  • Mohanpur Police Station

District Police Stations List (Rural)

Imamganj Subdivision
  • Bhadawar Police Station 
  • Chhakarbandha  Police Station
  • Dumaria Police Station 
  • Imamganj Police Station
  • Kothi Police Station
  • Lutua Police Station
  • Maigra Police Station 
  • Sohail Police Station 
Dy. SP L & O
  • Belaganj Police Station 
  • Chandauti Police Station 
  • Magadh Medical Police Station 
  • Men Police Station
Neem Chak Bathani Subdivision
  • Atri Police Station 
  • Khijarsarai Police Station 
  • Mahkar Police Station 
  • Neem Chak Bathani Police Station
Sherghati Subdivision
  • Aamas Police Station 
  • Banke bazar Police Station 
  • Barachatti Police Station 
  • Dobhi Police Station 
  • Guraru Police Station 
  • Raushanganj Police Station
  • Sherghati Police Station 
Tekari Subdivision
  • Aanti Police Station 
  • Alipur Police Station
  • Gurua Police Station 
  • Koch Police Station 
  • Mau Police Station
  • Panchanpur Police Station
  • Parraiya Police Station
  • Tekari Police Station 
Wajirganj Subdivision
  • Buniyadganj Police Station 
  • Fatehpur Police Station
  • Mufassil Police Station
  • Tankkupa Police Station 
  • Wazirganj Police Station 

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