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Police Stations in Faridabad

are u looking for Information of Police stations in Faridabad & Ballabgarh ? 

The Faridabad police is part of the Haryana police and responsible for maintaining Law and Order enforcement in the Faridabad District and cities of Faridabad and Ballabgarh. Faridabad Police follow the Commissionerate System with the Police Commissioner as head of the unit.

The  Commissioner of Police, Faridabad is assisted by one Joint Commissioner of Police, six Deputy Commissioners of Police, and fourteen Assistant Commissioners of Police. Police District Faridabad is divided into three Divisions each headed by the Deputy Commissioner of Police.

  • NIT Police District Central
  • Faridabad Police District
  • Ballabgarh Division.

Each Police District is further divided into two subdivisions each headed by an ACP. NIT  Faridabad division has 7 Police Stations whereas Central Faridabad & Ballabgarh Division has 5 Police Stations each. All three zones have a Women’s Police Station i.e. One in NIT Sec-21 B Faridabad, Second in Ballabgarh &  third in Sec-16, Faridabad. 

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Faridabad Police Station List

  • NIT Police Station
    Address: NH – 5 NIT,Faridabad
    Contact No. 2416688
  • Kotwali Police Station
    Address:NH – 1 NIT, Faridabad
    Contact No. 2416165
  • Suraj Kund Police Station
    Address: Suraj Kund,Faridabad
    Contact No. 2511033
  • SGM Nagar Police Station
    Address: NH – 4 NIT,Faridabad
    Contact No. 2432922
  • Mujessar Police Station
    Address: Sector – 24, Faridabad
    Contact No. 2232610
  • Central Police Station
    Address: Sector – 12, Faridabad
    Contact No. 2285967
  • Sector – 7 Police Station
    Address: Sector – 8,Faridabad
    Contact No. 2241784
  • Sector – 17 Police Station
  • Sector – 31 Police Station
    Address: Sector – 31,Faridabad
    Contact No. 2255888
  • Sector – 58 Police Station
    Address:Sector – 58, Faridabad
    Contact No. 2440940
  • City Ballabgarh Police Station
    Address: City Ballabgarh,
    Contact No. 2241350
  • Sadar Ballabgarh Police Station
    Address: Sadar Ballabgarh,
    Contact No. 2241341
  • Saran Police Station
    Address: Villge Saran, Faridabad
    Contact No. 2474792
  • GRP Police Station
    Address: Railway Station OLD, Faridabad
    Contact No. 2413687
  • Tigaon Police Station
    Address: Village Tigaon,Faridabad
    Contact No. 2401031
  • Bhupani Police Station
    Address: Village Bhupani,Faridabad
    Contact No. 2202350
  • OLD FBD Police Station
    Address: PS OLD, Faridabad
    Contact No. 2296824
  • Sarai Khawja Police Station
    Address: Sector – 37, Faridabad
    Contact No. 2275400
  • Traffic Police Station
    Address: Sector – 20 B,Faridabad
    Contact No. 2225999
  • Chhainsa Police Station
    Address: Chhainsa, Faridabad
    Contact No. 2209254
  • Kheripul Police Station
  • Metro Police Station
  • B.P.T.P Police Station
  • Adarsh Nagar Police Station
  • Dabuwa Police Station
  • Dhouj Police Station
  • Palla Police Station
  • Women Police Station Sec-16
  • Women Police Station Ballabgarh
  • Women Police Station NIT
    (0129)- 2432656 

Note: This page is for General Information purpose, for accurate info visit Faridabad Police official websites given below.

For more information visit http://faridabad.haryanapolice.gov.in/

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Police Stations in Faridabad | Faridabad Police Station List

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