Police Stations in Vijayapur | Bijapur Police station List

Police Stations in Vijayapur| Bijapur Police General Information

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The Vijayapur/ Bijapur police is part of the Karnataka State police & responsible for maintaining Law and Order enforcement in the Vijayapur District & Bijapur City. Vijayapur district comes under the Northern police range of Karnataka Police. The northern range is headed by the Inspector General of Police (IG). 

District Police of Vijayapur is headed by the Superintendent of Police (SP).  He is assisted by Addl. Superintendents of Police (SP) & Deputy Superintendents of Police (DSPs). The Deputy Superintendents of police are in charge of a particular sub division. The district is further divided into numerous Subdivisions & police circles, each headed by a Circle Officer. The current SP is Anupam Agrawal, IPS 

Police Stations in Vijayapur

Vijayapur Police is divided into three Subdivisions and headed by Deputy Superintendents of police. The three subdivisions are Vijyapur, Indi & Basavan Bagewadi.  These Subdivisions further divided into 8 circles & each circle headed by a Circle Officer. A Circle Inspector of Police is in charge of each circle which comprises two or three police stations.

Vijayapur Police has 25 Police stations under it. Other units within the Vijayapur Police include Traffic, Women, Crime Branch, Crime Record Bureau, and City Armed Reserves. The List of Police stations are as follows

Bijapur City Police Station List

Vijayapur Town Circle

  • Gandhi Chowk Police Station
  • Vijayapur Police Station

Vijayapur Rural Circle

  • Babaleshwar Police Station
  • Tikota Police Station
  • Vijayapur Rural Police Station

Golgumbaz Circle

  • Adarsh Nagar Police Station
  • APMC Police Station
  • Golgumbaz Police Station
  • Jalannagar Police Station

Indi Subdivision Police Station List

Indi Circle

  • Hortti Police Station
  • Indi Police Station
  • Indi Rural Police Station

Chadachan Circle

  • Chadachan Police Station
  • Zalaki Police Station

Sindagi Circle

  • Alme Police Station
  • Devara Hipparagi Police Station
  • Kalkeri Police Station
  • Sindagi Police Station

Basavan Bagewadi Subdivision Police Station List

Basavan Bagewadi Circle

  • Alamatii Police Station
  • Basavan Police Station
  • Kolhar Police Station
  • Managoli Police Station
  • Nidagundi Police Station

Muddebihal Circle

  • Muddebihal Police Station
  • Talikot Police Station
Helpline Numbers
  • Police Control Room – 100
  • Accident Help Line – 108
  • Fire and Rescue – 101
  • Ambulance Help Line – 102
  • Children Helpline – 1089
  • Senior Citizens – 1090
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