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Allahabad Police now Prayagraj Police is part of the Uttar Pradesh Police.  Earlier Allahabad City now Prayagraj comes under the Prayagraj Police Zone and Prayagraj Police Range. Now The Uttar Pradesh government has introduced the police commissionerate system in Prayagraj on 29th Nov. 2022. 

Prayagraj police is headed by the Commissioner of Police and he is assisted by Eight Addl. Commissioner of police for the City, Gangapar, Yamunapar, crime, traffic, control room, protocol, and security, either from the IPS or the Provincial Police Service. Each of the several police circles is headed by a circle officer in the rank of ACP.

List of Police Stations in Prayagraj

Allahabad police stations are divided into several police circles is headed by a circle officer in the rank of deputy superintendent of police. City Area has 5 Circles & rural area has 6 circles & each having 3-4 PS under it. At present Prayagraj District has 39+  Law & Order Police Stations. 

Allahabad City Police Stations List

Allahabad City now Prayagraj has five Circles i.e City 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th. Allahabad City has a total of 16 Police Stations under it. 

  • Attarsuiya Police Station 
    address: Ramlila Maidan, Near Chaddha Rd, Attarsuiya, Prayagraj 211003
  • Cantonment Police Station
    address: 1-C, Auckland Rd, Alka Puri Colony, Prayagraj – 211001
  • Civil lines Police Station
    address: 1, Sarojini Naidu Marg, Canton, Civil Lines, Prayagraj- 211001
  • Colonelganj Police Station
    address: Katra Rd, Colonelganj, George Town, Prayagraj –  211002
  • Daraganj Police Station
    address: 101/1a Mori, Daraganj, Prayagraj – 211006
  • Dhoomanganj Police Station
    address: Kanpur – Allahabad Highway, Sulem Sarai, Dhoomanganj, Prayagraj – 211011
  • George Town Police Station
    address: Malviya Rd, Darbhanga Colony, George Town, Prayagraj – 211002
  • Jhunsi Police Station
    address: Jhusi, Uttar Pradesh 211019
  • Kareli Police Station
    address: 60 Feet Rd, Ghaus Nagar, J K Nagar, Kala Danda, Prayagraj – 211016
  • Khuldabad Police Station
    address: 73, Noorullah Rd, Miurabad, Prayagraj – 211003
  • Kotwali Police Station
    address:NH 2, Kolhan Tola, Malviyanagar, Prayagraj – 211003
  • Kydganj Police Station
    address: Kydganj, Prayagraj – 211213
  • Mahila Thana/ Women Police Station
    address: Canton, Civil Lines, Prayagraj – 211001
  • Mutthiganj Police Station
    address: Tilak Rd, Mutthi Ganj, Prayagraj –  211003
  • Shahganj Police Station
    address: Ghanta Ghar, Kotwali thana chowk, near, Prayagraj
  • Shivkuti Police Station
    address: MNNIT Allahabad Campus, Teliarganj, Prayagraj – 211002

Rural Police Stations List

Rural area in Prayagraj District also known as Gangapar & Yamunapaar has six police circles & has a total of 23 Police Stations under it. 

Circle Office – Bara

  • Bara Police Station
    address: Bara Khas, NH-76, Gohaniya Banda Road, Shankargarh- 212108
  • Kaundhiyara Police Station
    address: Kaundhiyara Road, Ikauni, Uttar Pradesh 212106
  • Lalapur Police Station
    address: Gowra Tarhar, Uttar Pradesh 212107
  • Shankargadh Police Station
    address: Shankargarh, Uttar Pradesh 212108

Circle Office – Handia

  • Handia Police Station
    address: National Highway 2, Handia, Uttar Pradesh 221503
  • Industrial Area Police Station
    address: Bajaha, Uttar Pradesh 211009
  • Sarai Mamrej Police Station
    address: Phulpur – Pratappur – Handia Rd, Sahabpur, Uttar Pradesh 212401
  • Utraanv Police Station
    address:Barauna, Uttar Pradesh 221508

Circle Office – Karchana

  • Ghoorpur Police Station
    address: Allahabad NH-27, Allahabad Rewa Road, Ghoorpur, Uttar Pradesh 212307
  • Karchana Police Station
    address: Ghatwa, Uttar Pradesh 212301
  • Naini Police Station
    address: Industrial Colony, Chaka, Naini, Prayagraj –  211108

Circle Office – Meja

  • Khiri Police Station
    address: Khiri, Uttar Pradesh 212106
  • Koraon Police Station
    address: Koraon, Uttar Pradesh 212306
  • Manda Police Station
    address: Manda, Uttar Pradesh 212104
  • Meja Police Station
    address: Meja Khas, Uttar Pradesh 212302

Circle Office – Phoolpur

  • Bahariya Police Station
    address: Fajlabad Urf Kaloopur, Uttar Pradesh 212109
  • Phulpur Police Station
    address: Janpad, Pratappur Rd, Phoolpur, Uttar Pradesh 212402
  • Sarai Inayat Police Station
    address: National Highway 2, Varanasi – Allahabad Rd, Sarai Inayat, Uttar Pradesh 211019
  • Tharwai Police Station
    address: Tharwai, Uttar Pradesh 221507

Circle Office Soraon

  • Holagadh Police Station
    address: Sarai Bharat Urf Holagarh, Uttar Pradesh 212503
  • Mauaima Police Station
    address: Birsinghpur Urf Allipur, Mau Aima, Uttar Pradesh 212507
  • Nawabganj Police Station
    address: Saraismail Urf Khagalpur, NH-24B,  Nawabganj, Uttar Pradesh 211012
  • Soraon Police Station
    address: NH 96, Soraon, Uttar Pradesh 212502
Helpline Numbers
  • CM Help Line: 1076
  • Police Control Room (DIAL 100): 100
  • Child Helpline: 1098
  • Women Helpline: 1091
  • Crime Stopper: 1090
  • Ambulance Helpline:102
  • Ambulance Helpline:108

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