Police Stations in Aligarh | Aligarh Police Station List

Police Stations in Aligarh | Aligarh Police General Information

are u looking for Information of Police stations in Aligarh City ? 

The Aligarh police is part of the Uttar Pradesh police & responsible for maintaining Law and Order enforcement in Aligarh District. Aligarh district comes under the Agra police zone and Aligarh police range of Uttar Pradesh Police. The Aligarh range is headed by the Inspector General of Police (IG). The current IG, Aligarh Range is PIYUSH MORDIA

District Police of Aligarh is headed by the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP).  He is assisted by four Superintendents of Police (SP)/Additional Superintendent of Police (Addl. SP) (City, Rural Area, Traffic and Crime). SP City looks after the law and order Police Stations in the Urban Areas. SP Rural looks after the law and order Police Stations in the Rural Areas. SP Traffic takes care of the traffic in the whole of the district and SP Crime looks after the crime department

The district is further divided into numerous police circles, each headed by a Circle Officer in the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police.  The current SSP is MUNIRAJ G.

List of Police Stations in Bareilly

Police Stations in Bareilly comes under the circle officers (CO).  5 Circle Officers come under the SP Rura i.e Barla, Atrauli, Gabbana, Iglas & Khair. 3 Circle Officers come under the SP City i.e  City I, City II & City III. Aligarh District has 27 + Law & Order Police Stations. The list is as follows

Aligarh City Police Station List

Circle Officer City 1

  • Dehli Gate Police Station
  • Kotwali Police Station
  • Sasani Gate Police Station

Circle Officer City II

  • Banna Devi Police Station
  • Gandhi Park Police Station
  • Mahila Thana Police Station

Circle Officer City III

  • Civil Lines Police Station
  • Jawan Police Station
  • Quarsi/Kwarsi Police Station


Aligarh Rural Police Station List

Circle Officer Barla

  • Akrabad Police Station
  • Barla Police Station
  • Chharra Police Station
  • Gabgiri Police Station
  • Vijay Garh Police Station

Circle Officer Atrauli

  • Atrauli Police Station
  • Dandon Police Station
  • Harduaganj Police Station
  • Pali Mukimpur Police Station

Circle Officer Gabhana

  • Chandaus Police Station
  • Gabhana Police Station
  • Lodha Police Station

Circle Officer Iglas

  • Gonda Police Station
  • Iglas Police Station
  • Mandrak Police Station

Circle Office Khair

  • KhairPolice Station
  • Pisawan Police Station
  • Tappal Police Station

Helpline Numbers

  • CM HELPLINE: 1076
  • Fire Helpline: 101
  • Ambulance helpline: 102, 108

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For more information visit https://uppolice.gov.in/ or https://aligarh.nic.in/police/