List of Districts in Meghalaya 2023

Meghalaya is a state in northeast India. As of 2023, there are a total of 12 districts in Meghalaya.

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Meghalaya District List

#DistrictPopulation (2011)Area (km²)Density (/km²)
1East Khasi Hills825,9222752300.12
2West Garo Hills472,4972855165.50
3West Jaintia Hills270,3521693159.69
5West Khasi Hills252,010389064.78
6East Garo Hills199,5921490133.95
7South West Garo Hills172,495822209.85
8South Garo Hills142,334185076.94
9Eastern West Khasi Hills131,451135796.87
10East Jaintia Hills122,939204060.26
11North Garo Hills118,3251113106.31
12South West Khasi Hills110,152134182.14

Source: Census 2011

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Largest & Smallest District in Meghalaya by Area

West Khasi Hills district covering an area of 3890 km² is the largest district in Meghalaya.  South West Garo Hills District is the smallest district in Meghalaya with a total area is 822 km².

# By AreaDistrictArea
LargestWest Khasi Hills3890 km²
Smallest South West Garo Hills822 km2

 Source: Census 2011

Largest & Smallest District in Meghalaya by Population

East Khasi Hills District is the most populated district in Meghalaya. Its Population as per the census 2011 is 8.25 Lakhs. South West Khasi Hills District with a population of 110,152 
is the least populated district in Meghalaya

# by PopulationDistrictPopulation (Census 2011)
Most PopulatedEast Khasi Hills825,922
LeastSouth West Khasi Hills110,152
Highest and Lowest Population Density

East Khasi Hills District (300 people per km) has the highest Population density in Meghalaya. East Jaintia Hills District with a population density of 60 people per km is the lowest-density district in Meghalaya

# by DensityDistrictDensity (person/km)
HighestEast Khasi Hills300
LeastEast Jaintia Hills60

Source: Census 2011

Meghalaya District with Highest & Lowest Literacy rate

East Khasi Hills Nagar district has the highest literacy rate in Meghalaya. Its literacy rate is 84.15%. East Jaintia Hills with a literacy rate of 61.64% is the least literate district in Meghalaya.
# by Literacy RateDistrictLiteracy Rate
Most LiterateEast Khasi Hills84.15%
LeastEast Jaintia Hills61.64%

Source: Census 2011

Meghalaya District with Highest & Lowest Male Female Ratio

East Jaintia Hills district (1013) has the highest Male-Female Sex ratio in Meghalaya. South Garo Hills District (945) has the lowest male-female sex ratio in Meghalaya.

# by Sex RatioDistrictSex ratio
HighestEast Jaintia Hills1013 females to 1000 males
LowestSouth Garo Hills945 females to 1000 males

Source: Census 2011

List of Districts in Meghalaya 2023