Indian Cities by Population

The total urban population in India as per Census 2011 is more than 377 million (37 Crores) constituting 31.16% of the total population. At the Census 2011, there are 468 Class 1 UAs/Towns, 4041 Statutory Towns & 2894 Census Towns in the country. The UAs/Towns are grouped on the basis of their population in Census.

1. Class I UAs/Towns (City) :  The UAs/Towns which have at least 1,00,000 persons as a population are categorized as Class I UA/Town (City).  At the Census 2011, there are 468 Class 1 UAs/Towns. 264.9 million persons, constituting 70% of the total urban population, live in these Class I UAs/Towns. 

2. Million Plus UAs/Towns: Out of 468 UAs/Towns belonging to the Class I category, 53 UAs/Towns each have a population of one million or above each. Known as Million Plus UAs/Cities, these are the major urban centers in the country. 160.7 million persons (or 42.6% of the urban population) live in these Million Plus UAs/Cities.

3. Mega-Cities: Among the Million Plus UAs/Cities, there are three very large UAs with more than 10 million persons in the country, known as Mega-Cities. The largest UA in the country is Greater Mumbai UA followed by Delhi UA & Kolkata UA

  • Greater Mumbai UA – 1.84 Crores (18.4 million)
  • Delhi UA – 1.63 Crores (16.3 million)
  • Kolkata UA – 1.41 Crores (14.1 million). 

As Per Census 2011, The List of Top 100 Cities by population is as follows

Rank City Census 2011Population (figures)
1Mumbai1,24,42,373 1.24 Crores
2Delhi1,10,34,555 1.10 Crores
3Bangalore84,43,675 84. 44 Lakhs
4Hyderabad67,31,790 67.32 Lakhs
5Ahmedabad55,77,940 55.78 Lakhs
6Chennai46,46,732 46.47 Lakhs
7Kolkata44,96,694 44.97 Lakhs
8Surat44,67,797 44.78 Lakhs
9Pune31,24,458 31.24 Lakhs
10Jaipur30,46,163 30.46 Lakhs
11Lucknow28,17,105 28.17 Lakhs
12Kanpur27,65,348 27.65 Lakhs
13Nagpur24,05,665 24.05 Lakhs
14Indore19,64,086 19.64 Lakhs
15Thane18,41,488 18.41 Lakhs
16Bhopal17,98,218 17.98 Lakhs
17Visakhapatnam17,28,128 17.28 Lakhs
18Pimpri & Chinchwad17,27,692 17.28 Lakhs
19Patna16,84,222 16.84 Lakhs
20Vadodara16,70,806 16.71 Lakhs
21Ghaziabad16,48,643 16.49 lakhs
22Ludhiana16,18,879 16.19 Lakhs
23Agra15,85,704 15.86 Lakhs
24Nashik14,86,053 14.86 Lakhs
25Faridabad14,14,050 14.14 Lakhs
26Meerut13,05,429 13.05 Lakhs
27Rajkot12,86,678 12.87 Lakhs
28Kalyan-Dombivali12,47,327 12.47 Lakhs
29Vasai Virar12,22,390 12.22 Lakhs
30Varanasi11,98,491 11.98 Lakhs
31Srinagar11,80,570 11.80 Lakhs
32Aurangabad11,75,116 11.75 Lakhs
33Dhanbad11,62,472 11.62 Lakhs
34Amritsar11,32,383 11.32 Lakhs
35Navi Mumbai11,20,547 11.20 Lakhs
36Allahabad11,12,544 11.13 Lakhs
37Howrah10,77,075 10.77 Lakhs
38Ranchi10,73,427 10.73 Lakhs
39Gwalior10,69,276 10.69 Lakhs
40Jabalpur10,55,525 10.56 Lakhs
41Coimbatore10,50,721 10.51 Lakhs
42Vijayawada10,34,358 10.34 Lakhs
43Jodhpur10,33,756 10.33 Lakhs
44Madurai10,17,865 10.18 Lakhs
45Raipur10,10,433 10.10 Lakhs
46Kota10,01,694 10.02 lakhs
47Chandigarh9,61,587 9.66 Lakhs
48Guwahati9,57,352 9.58 Lakhs
49Solapur9,51,558 9.52 Lakhs
50Hubli and Dharwad9,43,788 9.44 Lakhs
51Bareilly9,03,668 9.04 Lakhs
52Mysore8,93,062 8.93 Lakhs
53Moradabad8,87,871 8.88 Lakhs
54Gurgaon8,76,969 8.77 Lakhs
55Aligarh8,74,408 8.74 Lakhs
56Jalandhar8,62,886 8.63 Lakhs
57Tiruchirappalli8,47,387 8.47 Lakhs
58Bhubaneswar8,43,402 8.43 Lakhs
59Salem8,29,267 8.29 Lakhs
60Mira and Bhayander8,09,378 8.09 Lakhs
61Thiruvananthapuram7,43,691 7.44 Lakhs
62Bhiwandi7,09,665 7.10 Lakhs
63Saharanpur7,05,478 7.05 Lakhs
64Gorakhpur6,73,446 6.73 Lakhs
65Guntur6,47,508 6.48 Lakhs
66Amravati6,47,057 6.47 Lakhs
67Bikaner6,44,406 6.44 Lakhs
68Noida6,37,272 6.37 Lakhs
69Jamshedpur6,31,364 6.31 Lakhs
70Bhilai Nagar6,25,700 6.25 Lakhs
71Warangal6,15,998 6.16 Lakhs
72Cuttack6,10,189 6.10 Lakhs
73Firozabad6,04,214 6.04 Lakhs
74Kochi6,02,046 6.02 Lakhs
75Bhavnagar5,93,368 5.94 Lakhs
76Dehradun5,69,578 5.69 Lakhs
77Durgapur5,66,517 5.66 Lakhs
78Asansol5,63,917 5.64 Lakhs
79Nanded Waghala5,50,439 5.50 Lakhs
80Kolhapur5,49,236 5.49 Lakhs
81Ajmer5,42,321 5.42 Lakhs
82Gulbarga5,33,587 5.36 Lakhs
83Loni5,16,082 5.16 Lakhs
84Ujjain5,15,215 5.15 Lakhs
85Siliguri5,13,264 5.13 Lakhs
86Ulhasnagar5,06,098 5.06 Lakhs
87Jhansi5,05,693 5.05 Lakhs
88Sangli Miraj Kupwad5,02,793 5.03 Lakhs
89Jammu5,02,197 5.02 Lakhs
90Nellore4,99,575 5 Lakhs
91Mangalore4,88,968 4.89 Lakhs
92Belgaum4,88,157 4.88 Lakhs
93Jamnagar4,79,920 4.79 Lakhs
94Tirunelveli4,73,637 4.74 Lakhs
95Malegaon4,71,312 4.71 Lakhs
96Gaya4,68,614 4.69 Lakhs
97Ambattur4,66,205 4.66 Lakhs
98Jalgaon4,60,228 4.60 Lakhs
99Udaipur4,51,100 4.51 Lakhs
100Maheshtala4,48,317 4.48 Lakhs

Sources: Census 2011

*This list is for City & not Urban Agglomeration (As per Census definition, The list is based on population within the boundaries of the respective Municipal Corporations and not the actual urban area.

List of Top Urban Agglomerations

53 UAs/Towns each has a population of one million or above each. Known as Million Plus UAs/Cities, these are the major urban centers in the country. The list is as follows

RankUrban AgglomerationsState/TerritoryPopulation 
3KolkataWest Bengal1,40,57,991
4ChennaiTamil Nadu86,53,521
11KanpurUttar Pradesh29,20,496
12LucknowUttar Pradesh29,02,920
14GhaziabadUttar Pradesh23,75,820
15IndoreMadhya Pradesh21,70,295
16CoimbatoreTamil Nadu21,36,916
20BhopalMadhya Pradesh18,86,100
23AgraUttar Pradesh17,60,285
24VisakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh17,28,128
30VijayawadaAndhra Pradesh14,76,931
31MaduraiTamil Nadu14,65,625
32VaranasiUttar Pradesh14,32,280
33MeerutUttar Pradesh14,20,902
37SrinagarJammu and Kashmir12,64,202
38JabalpurMadhya Pradesh12,68,848
39AsansolWest Bengal12,43,414
41AllahabadUttar Pradesh12,12,395
49GwaliorMadhya Pradesh11,02,884
52TiruchirappalliTamil Nadu10,22,518

Sources: Census 2011

*This list is for Urban Agglomeration  & Not for Town/Cities 

Census Definations

To understand this better lets first have a look at the definitions as per Census 2011

For the Census of India 2011, the definition of the urban area is as follows;

1. All places with a municipality, corporation, cantonment board or notified town area committee, etc.

2. All other places which satisfied the following criteria:
i) A minimum population of 5,000;
ii) At least 75 percent of the male main working population engaged in non-agricultural pursuits; and
iii) A density of population of at least 400 persons per sq. km.

Towns - Statutory & Census Towns

The first category of urban units is known as Statutory Towns (City). These towns are notified under the law by the concerned State/UT Government and have local bodies like municipal corporations, municipalities, municipal committees, etc., irrespective of their demographic characteristics as reckoned on 31st December 2009. Examples: Vadodara (M Corp.), Shimla (M Corp.), etc.

The second category of Towns is known as Census Town (CT) It satisfies the following criteria ( a. minimum population of 5,000; b. 75 % of the male main working population engaged in non-agricultural pursuits; c. A density of population of at least 400 per sq. km. )

Urban Agglomeration (UA)

An Urban Agglomeration is a continuous urban spread constituting a town and its adjoining outgrowths (OGs)*, or two or more physically contiguous towns together with or without outgrowths of
such towns. An Urban Agglomeration must consist of at least a statutory town and its total population (i.e. all the constituents put together) should not be less than 20,000 as per the 2001 Census. In varying local conditions, there were similar other combinations that have been treated as urban agglomerations satisfying the basic condition of contiguity. Examples: Greater Mumbai UA, Delhi UA, etc.

*Out Growths (OG):

An Out Growth (OG) is a viable unit such as a village or a hamlet or an enumeration block made up of such village or hamlet and clearly identifiable in terms of its boundaries and location. Some of the examples are railway colony, university campus, port area, military camps, etc., which have come up near a statutory town outside its statutory limits but within the revenue limits of a village or villages contiguous to the own.

Examples: Central Railway Colony (OG), Triveni Nagar (N.E.C.S.W.) (OG), etc. Each such town together with its outgrowth(s) is treated as an integrated urban area and is designated as an ‘urban agglomeration’. ( In the 2011 Census, 475 places with 981 OGs have been identified as Urban Agglomerations.)

List of Urban Agglomerations/Towns and City Out Growths

As per Census 2011, the total number of UAs/Towns and Out Growths (OGs) are as follows

1. Statutory Towns – 4,041 
2. Census Towns – 3,894 
3. Urban Agglomerations – 475 
4. Out Growths – 981

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