List of Districts in Tripura 2021

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List of Districts in Tripura 2021

Tripura is a state in northeast India. As of 2021, there are a total of 8 districts in Tripura.

Tripura District List

#DistrictPopulation (2011)Area (km²)Density (/km²)
4North Tripura4,15,9461444.5288
6South Tripura4,33,7371534.2283
8West Tripura9,17,534942.55973

Largest & Smallest District in by Tripura Area

Dhalai district covering an area of 2400 km² is the largest district in Tripura. Unokoti District is the smallest district in Tripura with a total area of 592 km².

# By AreaDistrictArea
LargestDhalai2400 km²
Smallest Unokoti 592 km2

 Source: Census 2011

Largest & Smallest District in Tripura by Population

West Tripura District is the most populated district in Tripura. Its Population as per census 2011 is 9.18 Lakhs  Unokoti District with a population of 277335 is the least populated district in Tripura.

# by PopulationDistrictPopulation (Census 2011)
Most PopulatedWest Tripura917534
Highest and Lowest Population Density

West Tripura District (973 people per km) has the highest Population density in Tripura. Dhalai District with a population density of 157  people per km is the lowest density district in Tripura.

# by DensityDistrictDensity (person/km)
HighestWest Tripura973

Source: Census 2011

Tripura District with Highest & Lowest Literacy rate

West Tripura district has the highest literacy rate in Tripura. Its literacy rate is 88.70%. South Tripura with a literacy rate of 84.70% is the least literate district in Tripura.
# by Literacy RateDistrictLiteracy Rate
Most LiterateWest Tripura88.70%
LeastSouth Tripura84.70%

Source: Census 2011

Tripura District with Highest & Lowest Male Female Ratio

North Tripura district (967 ) has the highest Male-Female Sex ratio in Tripura.  Dhalai District (944) has the lowest male-female sex ratio in Tripura.

# by Sex RatioDistrictSex ratio
HighestNorth Tripura967 females to 1000 males
LowestDhalai944 females to 1000 males

Source: Census 2011